Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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Nobody else joined in this contest, so I'd like to thank Shimmer for being the only contestant! *claps* This was your photo that I liked the best out of all the ones you entered...

Shimmer Kitty: Cumulus Cover


The Golden Eagle said...

Dang! The comment box won't let me post code to show you how to make a button . . . it keeps saying CENTER is not accepted, but I want to show the actual HTML, not the image. Grr. I'll do a post instead.

Icewolf said...

Aw, thank yous! I just made mine not too long ago!

Anonymous said...

O.O OMG!!! Thank yous, Icewolf!!!!
*Hugs her until her eyes pop*
I actually took that pic the morning that posted it. TTwTT
Thank you so much!!!!!! <:'D *Tear*