Thursday, June 3, 2010


I was grounded, and now I'm not. Long story, can't say. But I'll be visiting the posts I missed, so yay!

Also, this is my 99th post! The next one is going to be something fun, but I really don't know why. *shrugs* I'll figure it out.


Inora: Frankly, I didn't miss a thing.
Icewolf: Yes, you did. I caught you crying your eyes out yesterday.
Inora: W-what?! O////O Uh...that, Tamiki! He took my form to trick you!
Icewolf: Nice try, but Tamiki was with me.
Inora: *disappears*
Icewolf: Wow! He finally went away!!!

In any case. I started a new story. Its about a girl named Mara. Her and her family own a dragon farm, but no one knows about it. They're slowly re-introducing dragons back into the world. And it's not just the kind of dragon that we think of, it's all different sorts from different countries.

Mara wants to raise a dragon on her own, and an American dragon (regular four-legged, winged, fire-breathing dragon) at that. But her father, who was attacked by one when it got out of control, point-blank hates the idea.

Heart-broken, Mara returned to the house (wait, let me back up, Mara lives down in a normal house with her mom ((no, parents are not divorced)) where they raise the baby dragons without parents. Her dad lives up on the ranch where the adult dragons are kept on a wide expanse of land, and he is assisted by a wyvern) and pours out her sorrow to the young Chinese dragon, Honey. Honey realized how much Mara's heart set in the task of raising a dragon, and steals an American dragon egg for Mara to raise.

Meanwhile, her parents are seeking a second pair of hands to help work at the ranch that aren't dragons. They hire a boy from Mara's grade, Blaize, who spells his name 'Blaze'.  He has all the symptoms of a Rider, which Mara later finds out that she too is a Rider and a Hatcher.

Wow, that's longer than I hoped. Anyways, bye!


The Golden Eagle said...

My stories always end up getting long. I started a short story and I've got over 50 pages now. :P

About setting up pages: go to the "New Post" section from the dashboard, and click "Edit Pages" to right of "New Post" and "Edit Posts". There you can set them up and decide where to put the links. Hope that wasn't confusing . . .

The Golden Eagle said...

Oh, and to put them at the top, you just move the gadget labeled "Pages" to wherever you want it the same you move the followers gadget or arrange the sidebar.

Icewolf said...

Oh....I have mine at the side! I'll change that asap! Thanks!