Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inora's missing, part two

Icewolf: I can't find him!!!
Tamiki: No crap...
Sauntoyi: He's not at the police office
Akov: I just checked the emo rehab center. Zero.
Tamiki: He's not even at the ice cream shop!!!
Icewolf: And I bet he wasn't in the ice cream cone either. *scowls at ice cream stain on Tamiki*
Tamiki: It's was a hot day! And I could smell it! Sorry if the world still spins even if Inora's gone.
Sauntoyi: *sits on hind paws, gazing around sadly* It's weird how we are all worried, seeing how we treat Inora when he's here.
Icewolf: True. But it's not like we utterly hate him. I for one don't hate him.
(Everyone nods)
Icewolf: Now, begone stupid pep talk! On with trying to find suspects and clues.
Akov: How about starting with the crime scene?
Icewolf: Well...

Sauntoyi: 'Kay. Look at (a) the walls. Scratch marks. Usually a sign of a fight.
 Akov: Were those there before, Icewolf?
Icewolf: No.
Akov: Okay. Exhibit (b) door marks. On the door frames, there's marks of claws, probably showing that Inora was probably dragged against his will. Claw marks on the floor and the door itself also prove this.

Tamiki: Also the bed is torn up.
Icewolf: And Mr.Fuzzums is still on the bed.
Sauntoyi: Let us not forget Mr.Fuzzums.
Akov: So, okay, there was a struggle. We don't know who could've done it!
Icewolf: There was a smashed window...
Tamiki: Where?
Icewolf: In the hallway leading into the bedroom.
Akov: So they broke in. That doesn't tell us anything about them!
Icewolf: Well, what if they cut themselves on the window? What then?
Sauntoyi: Blood would be on the window....
Icewolf: Give the pup a cigar.
Tamiki: Should we go see this window?
Akov: We'd better. Let's go.


Icewolf: Nothing. No blood.
Tamiki: I feel like I'm in some CSI show or something.
Sauntoyi: Don't we all.
Akov: UGH! I can't take this! *punches a wall* I hate not knowing things.
Icewolf: This is so depressing....
Tamiki: What is it supposed to be? Happy and fun? One of us is missing, and so is the joke.
Sauntoyi: Now that takes the cake!
Akov: Maybe the kidnapper took the cake for all we know!
Everyone: O.O? .....
Akov: It was supposed to be a joke.
Icewolf: Well, it didn't work.
Akov: *droops*
Icewolf: *lets out angry breath* Fine, lets all take a break. I'll run to the store and buy ice cream.
Tamiki: I vote chocolate chip!
Akov: Meanwhile, hey Toyi! Want to play a game of Monopoly?
Sauntoyi: I call the battleship!
Akov: No! You're always the battleship!
Sauntoyi: *awkward silence* .......Inora was always the battleship.....
Akov: *sigh*

Icewolf goes to get ice cream. Sauntoyi and Akov play a successful game of Monopoly. Tamiki does whatever he does in his spare time. After an hour, Icewolf still hasn't returned.

Tamiki: *stops playing with fireballs* Hey guys, shouldn't Icewolf be here by now?
Sauntoyi: You're right!
Akov: Ha! I won - wait, what?
Tamiki: Where's Ic-
*rock smashes through window with a note attached to it*
Akov: *picks up rock, unties note* 'I have captured two of you. Surrender a bajillion mula to me in a week's time or else they die. Enjoy your terror. Evil Anonymous. PS. Inora says he would like a cookie when you see him again.'
Sauntoyi: A bajillion mula?!
Tamiki: We don't have a bajillion mula!!!
Akov: *softly* then Icewolf and Inora is doomed.

So, my fellow bloggers. I have been kidnapped and now with Inora. Oops. So, until next time...



The Golden Eagle said...

AAH! No!

Tamiki? Sauntoyi? Akov? What's the game plan? I'm afraid I can't gather up a bajillion mula in a weej, but do you need a set of raptor eyes?

The Golden Eagle said...

Oops, that was supposed to be "week" not "weej".

Icewolf's characters: said...

Tamiki: I don't know!!!
Sauntoyi: We're going to head to where Icewolf did and see if we can find anything
Akov: Scream. Loudly.