Monday, June 14, 2010


I just noticed that all my blogging buddies are guys. So introducing Smoke, our newest member.

Oh, the blurb is nothing. She's an orphan, or lost her parents, I'm still deciding. She's going to be part of Outcasts, so might as well let her join, right?

Smoke is almost like a quieter, but just as cynical, female Inora. But there's also a bit of Sauntoyi in her, she's a thoughtful one. She has Akov's powers (darkness abilities...muhahaha) and Tamiki's humor. So yeah, she's a bit of everybody. And yet all her own.

Smoke: ....Am I supposed to say something?
Icewolf: Not really.

Man, this is getting confusing. I should go write this down somewhere. Be right back blogworld.

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