Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Inora/Icewolf Missing!

Tamiki: I can't wait a week!
Akov: Neither can I.
Sauntoyi: We just have to find Evil Anonymous before then. Let's check out that interview that Icewolf took with Charry before she was taken.
Akov: *clicks mouse and opens screen* here we go!

Blogger Icewolf said...
Charry, what did you do the day Inora was kidnapped, around 12ish?
Blogger Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...
Charry: I was at home...I think...I can't remember!!!! AMNESIA!!! AMNEEE-- Shimmer: *Throws rock at Charry* CALM DOWN. GEEZ!! Charry: Sorry...ok, um...I was at my house, in my Inny shrine. Shimmer: *Facepaw* That's SO not suspicious, Charry!
Blogger Icewolf said...
Okays... describe this... "Inny shrine"...
Blogger Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...
Charry: *Twinkly eyes* Oh! Well in my closet- Shimmer: What?! How did I not know about this..? Charry: HUSH. Anyways, in my closet, I have built a beautiful shrine dedicated to my fantabulous Inny! There are rose petals every where, and little plush Innys everywhere! And Inny candles, and Inny candy, Inny portraits...Oh, and, uh...A life-sized Inny doll!
Blogger Icewolf said...
Uh-huh...have you ever felt the urge to add another 'addition' to that Inny shrine? Like a life-like Inny?
Blogger Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...
Charry: Well....I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want that! Yes. I've always wanted a real Inny for my own! Shimmer: You talk about him like he's a pet dog... Charry: He IS a canine. Shimmer: Touche....

Tamiki: So Charry has an Inny shrine, but why would he take Icewolf too?
Akov: Maybe she knows too much.
Sauntoyi: Or maybe it wasn't Charry. Who would want a bajillion mula and take our two best wolves to get it?
Akov: You don't know how much that sounds like a cheesy movie.
Suddenly, there is a rustle by the window. Tamiki immediately rushes to the window, only to see a bit of black fur caught on the edge. 
Tamiki: Whoever they are, they have black fur.
Akov: *blinks* how do you know that was Evil A?
Tamiki: They placed a note right here on the window signed 'EA'
Sauntoyi: EA games?
Tamiki: No, dummy! Evil Anonymous.
Akov: *snatches note* it says 'You will never know who it is until the end. Your friends aren't doing to well, they tried to resist...' *holds up a baggie with a piece of bloody white fur in it*
Sauntoyi: That's just gross.
Akov: 'I will lower the price to 100,000 mula. And I will be at the docks by the sea every night to see if you have the mula. If not, you're friends will take a nice swim.'
Tamiki: I'll tear that guy limb from limb!
Akov: What now?

Sauntoyi: We need your help! What do you guys think we should do? HELP!!!


The Golden Eagle said...

Maybe an ambush at the docks? Outsmart EA. Sneak up on EA. Rip him/her/it limb from limb, as you so eluquently put it Tamiki.

There are three of you and (hopefully) one of him/her/it, so perhaps you could stakeout the docks and check his forces before any action is taken. Or maybe you could monitor all dock activity during the day to see if EA checks the area him/her/it-self?

Icewolf said...

Sauntoyi: Great plan, but what about the part where he can push Inora and Icewolf into the water?
Tamiki: I'll be under the docks, and swim to catch them
Akov: Oh! I got a plan!!!