Friday, June 25, 2010


Tis my stroke of happiness:

I love her character Micheal (werewolf-thing, quirky, and my type of guy. Fweee!!!), and she just wrote the most AWESOME chapter EVER! Meheh, I love crappy mushy things in total action/mutant/not-the-mushy-type books because you don't get them often and it's a treat when you do get those moments.

For example (I know this isn't part of my stroke, but this is a rant) Maximum Ride USED to be like that until recently when ALL of it is mushy. Bleh. But in the beginning it wasn't and I loved it when Max was confused about Fang and then all of a sudden something happens and she forgets about it until way later.

But yeah, I'm so happy. You should read Jayden's book! Tis awesome.

Mahahahahaaaaaaaaa!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I'm so HAAAA-PEEE!

Inora: Don't strokes destroy your mind?
Sauntoyi: It obviously destroyed hers.
Tamiki: Oh, give it a rest Akov.


The Golden Eagle said...

I know! MAX was Fang, Fang, Fang, but the others were more . . . dramatic. Original, and the plot was better.

Jayden Black said...

I'm on the third book so I wouldn't know yet! :D! But I shall...
Thank you sooooo much Icewolf!! Made my whole FREAKEN day!!

Icewolf said...

Meheh! I'm just awesome like that! You're welcome!