Thursday, June 24, 2010


I love windy days. Hearing the wind blow against our house and watching trees bend to something I can't see...not to mention going outside and feeling the wind myself. It makes me happy to feel wind. Sometimes, when I'm allowed to, I'll roll down the window in our car and just stick my head out like a dog. It is SO much fun. I only have to put my head back in if other cars go by so they don't see.

Anyhoo, there's not much else going on. I am mostly tired, seeing as I stayed up till 11pm last night. But that was because I forgot to eat dinner and my stomach wouldn't let me sleep! So I went downstairs and had some pulled pork and a glass of water. Did you know that water helps clear break-outs? It's awesome. One time I got sick and had a glass of water by my bed all the time. And then I noticed that my face was a lot clearer than it had been in forever! Mahaha! Beat that you stupid zits!!!

Wow, I got off track.

(Five hours later)

Thunderstorms!!! Ah, I feel so happy. I stood outside feeling the booms in my chest, feeling the rain, and if I was lucky seeing some lightning. I'm going to go back and stare at the sky. :D


The Golden Eagle said...

I've never stuck my head out the car window . . . my mom would probably kill me. :P But I do love the wind! I love standing in it and letting it flow over me.

Icewolf said...

Try one time to stick your head out the window! One of life's essentials.