Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I just came back from failing to create my own video. Oh well. Shimmer is awesome enough. :D

Seriously though, check out her awesome trailers, they really make you want to read what she has (even though she needs to POST MORE OF IT!!! :D). You're welcome for that shout out, Shimmer. (Click here for the link)

I absolutely LOVE reading other author's stories. I feel happy knowing I'm not alone in this weird writing world of ours. Like, how many of us out there feel like their characters are taking over their minds?! 

Tamiki: Crap! She's onto us!
Akov: Oh stuff it, you lump.
Akov: *whacks with brick*

...Like that. *sigh* 

Um... er.... 

Meheh. Not much else going on. I now have 6 Yugi-oh books...but that doesn't really concern you guys, now does it? 

Hrmph. Maybe I'll go do a comic or something. Who knows. I'm bored and just as I say:

Boredom creates life.

-Icewolf and characters


Jayden Black said... true.
Boredom is times.

The Golden Eagle said...

Boredom can be awesome. :D

Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...

Aw, thanks Icewolf!! *Gives super-awesome-special-Yugi-Oh-sparkley-Inora-Smackdown-hug* :3
Oh, and I'm working on your request as I comment! :D

Icewolf said...

Thanks! *give super-awesome-Yugi-oh (this part made me smile)-sparkley-Inora-Smackdown-hug back*

Yugi-oh just makes it better than it was. <3