Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy 100th post, Golden Eagle!

She's having a blog parade for it! Even Inora is revved! 

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Make your own banner at!

1. Do you have a favorite color? Or do you like several?
Red. I love red. 

2. Name a random favorite book:
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. 

3. Do you listen to music often?

4. Given these option, you would prefer to:
a) Ride a zipline in South America
b) Go sky diving
c) Surf in Hawaii
d) Climb a mountain
e) Learn how to fly a fighter jet
Sky diving!!!

 5. Do you like animals in general?
*offended look* of course!

6. If you found yourself in an empty alleyway blocked at both ends by international assasins, what would you do?
a) Unsheath your sword and charge at the people at one end, going, "Yah! Fear me, for I am a swordsman/woman!"
b) Jump up, grab a nearby clothesline, and start scaling the wall via windowsills and other clotheslines
c) Curl up and hope they don't notice you
d) Attack them with fireballs that drain your energy based on how many you throw
e) Scream. Loudly.
My answer: f.) go werewolf and maul them! =D

7. Science fiction, fantasy, or paranormal genres?
I write fantasy...I wonder which to choose?

8. Movies that make you cry, movies that make you laugh, movies that make you scream in fright, or movies that make you freeze up as the heroic hero battles the enemies?
Laughing movies. I love laughing. 

9. Cats, dogs, or skunks?
Cat and/or dogs. Why skunks? 

10. What do you think of these questions so far? (Go on. Be truthful.)
I like answering them sarcastically. *grins*

11. Do you think the word "antidisestablishmentarianism" is cool?
What the chicken?

12. Black panthers, tigers, or lions?
Tigers, they have some sort of grace about them...

13. Snakes or Spiders or Bears?
I can handle spiders.

14. Pizza?
Um, not really. 

15. Do you like Memorial Day as a holiday, or do you treat it as a memorial of the people serving?
A brief moment of silence, but other than that I love sleeping in for it.

16. A guy with a purse is ruching towards you and police are chasing after him. You are the only one closest to him before he reaches the exit door, so you
a) Jump out and scream "STOP RIGHT THERE!"
b) Trip him up
c) Shrink back and hope that the police trained for the Olympics
d) Stumble out and ram him with your super-heavy shopping bag filled with high-heeled, spiky shoes.
e) Shove your friend out in front instead
Probably a combination of tripping and attacking him. 

17. Artemis Fowl (yes, he's a boy despite the name!) is a popular series. Have you ever read a book in the series? If so, which one(s) and what did you think?
I tried. Couldn't get into it for the life of me. 

18. Is anyone missing from your life right now?
Or perhaps the question should be 'are you missing a life right now?' *laughs* no, not really. 

19. Do you wish your family was bigger? Smaller? Is it the perfect size?
Can't really say. 

20. Do you go to the movies often?
Not really. I would like to go often. 

21. What's your opinion of books being turned into movies?
I HATE how they DESTROY it and TEAR it to BITS and PIECES! 

22. Italian or Asian cuisine?
Asian. Loooove it. 

23. Do you prefer home cooking, home-delivery, or restaurants?
Hm, I like home-delivery. 

24. Is exercise something you do a lot? e.g. walking, jogging, running, stretching, jumping, sports.
No way. 

25. Are trends something you follow, or do you like what you like when you like it?
Heck no! I tend to shy away from trends, I find them sort of vulgar. 

26. Would you become a Dragon Rider, given the chance?
I would like to ride a dragon, yes, but not have to share thoughts with it or do energy-draining magic with its own language. 

27. Do you enjoy blogging right now?
*sarcastic look* 

28. What's the thing you don't like about Blogger?
When I play iTunes it gets all choppy. 

29. Name some random-ish fact about yourself:
I dream every night, but don't often remember them spare the fact that I know that I did have a dream. 

30. The questions are over! Did you hate it? Love it?


Inora said...

'revved' is not a word I would use

Icewolf said...


The Golden Eagle said...

I love your answers, Icewolf! :)

Glad your revved, Inora.

Icewolf said...

Inora: i am NOT revved!
Icewolf: *rolls eyes* anyway, thank you golden eagle