Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ah, a sunny day

*warms self* Nice weather. I think today Inora would like to chat.

Inora: I never 'chat' but I would like to just, er, speak.
Icewolf: Sure it Inny, suuuure
Inora: Shut you useless pile of fur
Icewolf: Don't make me eat you. Besides, you shouldn't be angry with me any more, I got rid of the comics
Inora: Lair! You're working on one now!
Icewolf: Upon orders of X-filer, Inora *sighs and shakes head* I didn't want to do it, honest
Inora: You know, you're a perfectly good liar
Sauntoyi: Yo.
Icewolf: Oh, guys, meet Sauntoyi, our new werewolf. He's white-tan-ish with curious blue eyes. I just drew him one day and the word from one of my stories just stuck with him. Sauntoyi means 'to rule' by the way, for those keeping track
Sauntoyi: why was I named after an alien word?
Icewolf: *laughs nervously* see what I mean by curious folks? A-hehehe...
Inora: *rolls eyes* You know, Toyi, she wanted a Finnish word for destruction, but it was too long, so she went with a tweaked version of the Finnish word for rule?
Sauntoyi: Thank you, Inora *sarcastic glance*
Inora: *gasps* we are so very similar. I think we will be become best friends
Icewolf: I don't think Charry would like that.
Inora: *shrugs*
Sauntoyi: As I was saying- GAH!
Tamiki: 'sup.
Sauntoyi: *holds paw to chest* Icewolf, who is this weird creature?!
Tamiki: Hey, now
Icewolf: He's Tamiki. Tamiki, Sauntoyi. Toyi, Tamiki.
Tamiki and Sauntoyi: Hi.
Icewolf: and since this is getting a bit long, I'll cut this short. Byes!


Dragonfire said...

Okay, who are all these characters?

Jayden Black said...

Her awesome da bomb characters!!

The Golden Eagle said...

--These are Icewolf's characters from stories she's written/working on--

I tweak foreign words all the time. Sometimes I use the actual un-altered ones, like Kahusayan for example, but I usually change them so they're shorter or easier to pronounce.

Dragonfire said...

Thanks. I'm still new to this kinda stuff. Read the story, and have to say, I'm pretty impressed.

Icewolf said...

Thank you Dragonfire. Tis fun to tweak words, isn't it?