Thursday, May 13, 2010


La di da dum! *prances around happily* Lalalalalaaaaaaaa! *fancy spin in mid-air* LLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! *scream at top of lungs*
Inora: *winces* as of now, my eardrums are burst
Icewolf: nu-uh!
Inora: what'd you say?
Icewolf: :P

Anyhoos, I'm happy and I don't really know why. Just one of those happy spells, you know? You just suddenly feel great for no apparent reason, and even though it's really early in the morning, that's only because I have school and I'm bored right now. Bored, yet happy.



The Golden Eagle said...

Yeah, I feel that way sometimes. Like HELLO EVERYONE! THE WORLD'S OPEN HERE! I really have no reason to be happy or cheerful or springy, but I am. :P

Icewolf said...

*laughs* i know right?