Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Less than three

What is with that, huh? Less than three ( <3 and yes, I know that it's a heart)?


So anyways. I just got done with throwing together monkey bread. Do you know how long and tedious monkey bread is? You have to take the whole dough mound, and bit by bit, roll small balls, smother with melted butter, toss in cinnamon sugar, and drop into a pan over and over and over and over...
 But I was proud of myself at the end. :D

Of course I took a bit of the dough to eat myself.  What else would I do?

Ugh. And now, I have a sore throat from singing loudly on Sunday. Sunday! Man, I'm weird. And in any case, I had a headache for the past two day, been going to the school nurse for two days, and had a 99 temperature yesterday and am not really sure if I have one today.

But ANYWAY...life moves on, doesn't it. And Shimmer, I'm going to morph your pawbook idea a wittle. ;)

Icewolf less-than-threes...chocolate
Icewolf less-than-threes...rain
Icewolf less-than-threes...someone special, (name withheld :D)
Icewolf less-than-threes...LIFE!


The Golden Eagle said...

Mmmmmmm. Dough.

Monkey bread sounds tasty. :)

Icewolf said...

Monkey bread is really yummy.