Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sorry guys that I haven't posted any of my stories in a while, but I really haven't gotten to them much. Mostly I've been working on Awaking. Oh! And I found out that Flux replies after six months tops, four months if they really want you. Urg.

Inora: Hey, I'm in blogworld again. Huh.
Icewolf: Shut it, I'm sulking
Inora: No! I came here on my own free will!
Icewolf: *sighs* anyway. There's not much else going on in my nearly pointless life. The sun is a-rising, the birds a-chirping, my brother a-waking :D
Inora: You're so dramatic
Icewolf: *rolls eyes*

So I still need to get around to stories....later.

Oh! I get it! I should rant about one of my favorite foods of all time! It's a Netherland-Dutch dish call Borco. Basically it's mashed potatoes, bacon, and traditionally red cabbage, but any leafy plant food thing would do. I love it to death. It may sound gross, but it is so very heavenly.

Eh, that's it for now. So, yeah. Byes.


The Golden Eagle said...

Borco doesn't sound too bad . . . :)

Icewolf said...

I love it to death!

The Golden Eagle said...

I clicked.

Ah, well. It was an experience. (I wonder if it comes back AFTER you shut down the computer . . .)

Dragonfire said...

Er, I dunno bout boroco, sounds weird