Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My fishie died. It was a beautiful goldfish that was red with black top scales and fins named Flamdura Srepiuk. I guess my dad's goldfish (a gray one named Gary) bit FS's fin and he couldn't swim, so he starved and died. Not my fault, and there was nothing I could do! But Flamdura Srepiuk fought bravely until the end, desperatly swimming as hard as he could. I'll miss him. But Gary is nice and healthy, so I hope he'll live.

*moment of silence*

Anyways, all is well in Icewolf-land. I took a field trip today at school, and it was sorta fun. Oh, and my mom bought Chinese food and guess what happened!

I got three fortunes in one cookie!

And they all said the same thing too....'The only one without the thorn is friendship'. Is it trying to tell me that I only have one friend?! That's nice...*sarcastic look*


The Golden Eagle said...

That's a weird fortune . . . but not as strange as the time my Mom got a fortune that said "It can't rain all the time" when there was a flood.

Icewolf said...

Wooow....i think fortune cookies are redundant