Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Poll answers!

*drum roll*

For the popularity contest:
First place: Tamiki, Flamdura, and Akov!
                  Tamiki: Wow! I feel so loved!
                  Flamdura: Hey, I'm just as surprised. Who would've thought a
                                 dragon who doesn't do much of anything in the book get
                                  a win?
                  Akov: Eh, I'm just liked for my personality
                  Tamiki: yeah, right

Second place: Aurum, Dragon, Ace, and Inora!
                    Aurum: depression
                    Dragon: well, at least I got one vote. More than I expected
                    Ace: come on! :(
                    Inora: I couldn't care less

Last place: Xela, Kayla, Emmy, and Ironamo
                    Xela: Hm.
                    Kayla: T.T"
                    Emmy: :< ???
                    Ironamo: But I'm evil! Who doesn't like evil people?!

For what I would most likely do... all of them! But most voted for 'running into a wall (i have done that actually...)' and 'laughing at something random'.

Come back soon and I'll have more polls up for no reason! :D

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Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...

lol I voted on the new one! :D