Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm riled up, ready to kill.

X-filer is being a crap-head. *lets out angry breath* Grant him that I did puff up at him taking my sandals without asking, which isn't that big of a deal, but does he have to blow up in my face if I ask him most kindly (which I honestly, swear-upon-my-story did) to ask me next time to use my things? Hrrrg, I kept my cool, ("X-filer, all I'm saying is when you know that it's mine, could you please ask me?") he went all bristly ("But I didn't know this was yours!" *me sighs* "Yes, I understand that and I forgive you for that, but next time if you know..." *door slams* me: T.T" me go blog about him now for sheer rudeness)

He's such a butt-munch nowadays. I say one comment and he sets off like a rocket. Spare me the times when I blow up at him, which happens, but does he have to lord it over me and sulk for a week! I try to mend things, saying sorry, and he scoffs "doubt it"! SERIOUSLY!!! I APOLOGIZED, NOW TAKE THE FREAKING APOLOGY BEFORE I SHOVE IT FORCIBLY UP YOUR STUCK UP BUTT! AND IF I ASK YOU NICELY, I'M NOT TRYING TO KILL YOU SO LISTEN!

*snorts* Didn't think I'd blog about him did he? Embarrassed, he shall

It's not just this time either. Other times its gotten ugly and I've had to just leave, my heart aching something awful. I hate fighting with him, but it happens so often now. If he saw that last sentence he'd laugh horribly and swear I'm lying.

Uh, no. I know myself thank you.

Anyways, I was going to talk about Outcasts. I haven't done so in a long time. So far, I'm getting near the end of the second chapter (wow, that's sound more brilliant than it is) and I have the plot jotted down...which has never helped me before, but now I know where I should be heading with it. By the way, I need help figuring out what to call the whole series. Tis basically about a werewolf pack called Outcasts, a prophecy, and the War of Blood.

So.....yeahs. Oh! There's less than a week left until Flux might reply! I say might, because I found out that they reply in 4 months if they really want you, 6 months if they might or don't. *sighs* So I wait. A bit more. For another 2 months.


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