Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Inora's issues

Spotlight shines dramatically down onto a hunched figure. It's face rises to reveal a wolf, Inora. Around him, is only darkness. He cried out to the sky. 

Inora: wait, is this supposed to be dramatic and teary?

A noise of exasperation, and another wolf comes onto the scene. This one, unlike the pale gray Inora, is brown with majestic red wings.

Icewolf: You bet it is! Look at the freaking italics!   
 Inora: Oh...okay, resume.

The brown wolf grumbles, and ambles off the scene. Once again, the spotlight beams down on Inora and this time, there are tears in his eyes.

Inora: My life was a sad one. *sad music plays* When I was only a pup, my parents were killed by the wolf who would later take my sight.

The music swells, and the audience is to feel emotional moved if they could hear the pathetic music playing. 

Inora: I would only regain my sight by being slapped in the face by another werewolf and
Tamiki: GAR! I shall eat yous!

A white wolf with pure black eyes jumps on top of Inora. With a smile, the wolf turns to the probably bemused audience.

Tamiki: Hey, is this some sort of soap opera?
Inora: It was.
Tamiki: *grins* then I'm glad it was destroyed.
Inora: RAWR! What is with you guys randomly coming and going?

The poor werewolf growls, but deep within his heart he feels a compassionate stirring - 

Inora: Oh, shut it. There's no stirring-
Tamiki: *looks at computer screen* aw! I never knew you had emotions, Inny.
Inora: Don't make me hurt you.
Icewolf: You're so nice
Inora: And of course you come out of nowhere. Just like everyone else in this messed up world
Sauntoyi and Akov in unison: Yo.
Inora: Hmph.
Akov: And why are we all here, Icewolf?
Icewolf: Well, I thought we could share our deepest feelings, and since you are characters of my mine, you shall do so because I type so.
Tamiki: Yeah, but we have free reign *peers at computer again* see, you still type everything I say.
Icewolf: Right...but this time you guys will. Starting with Toyi.
Sauntoyi: Er, what am I supposed to do?
Icewolf: Just start with explaining how you feel
Sauntoyi: about what?
Icewolf: Anything
Tamiki: *softly to Akov* this is going to be good!
Sauntoyi: Well, uh, I feel, er, neutral most of the time with other times I feel like Inora is a twit
Inora: Hey!
Icewolf: He can say that, we're here to talk about feelings. Now, Tamiki, your turn.
Tamiki: I'm really happy most of the time!
Icewolf: ...yes....Akov?
Akov: I think you should stop seeing your therapist, it's causing you to think weirder.
Icewolf: Eh-heh. Okays, Inny?
Inora: Well, I hate going to my therapist. I think this blog-world is going to eventually drive me insane, that every character that you make up is messed-up in some way, that 1+1=11, and everything is meaningless. The name 'Inny' drives me up the wall, Charry drives me up the wall, you drive me anywhere. Sunny days make me want to puke, and I wish I could explode something.
Everybody: O.o"
Icewolf: Alrighty then.....
Tamiki: That was some rant
Akov: I'll say
Sauntoyi: Who knew so much went through his head?

Inora growled, but his head felt clearer than it had felt in days...

Inora: what do you know?!


The Golden Eagle said...

A lot certianly does go through that wolf's head.

Fascinating soap opera. Ah, the drama!

Icewolf said...

Tis true, tis true...