Thursday, February 3, 2011

Strong emotions

So, there's this topic I feel real strong about. It's called abortion. *pauses, choked up*

I hate it.

There's a tiny life, a person with a future growing inside you. Their brains are forming, hands are developing. Hands you could hold, and a mind you could love. But that person gets torn out of you, and KILLED. Never to hold another hand. Never to feel loved. Never to live.

I don't care if it hasn't even formed yet. I hear that excuse and I want to scream (WARNING: this subject brings out the worst in me). It has a FUTURE.

*sigh* just wanted to bring that out there.



Scezzle said...

abortion is one of the most stupid ideas of mankind. It's MURDER! some people might say: "It's just a few cells" BUT IT'S LIFE! IT HAS FUTURE! How could someone kill their own baby? :(

Icewolf said...