Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pencils and sweatshirts

I see a pencil unattended, it's mine. I pick it up, and put it into my right-side sweatshirt pocket, point end first. It may seem like an odd habit, but I always do so. Of course, if the pencil in question is worthless, I don't take it. Or if the pencil I know is someone else's. Just if it's a homeless pencil, it goes in my pocket.

So whenever I have to use a pencil in class, I just reach into my pocket and take it out. It's a whole lot easier than putting it somewhere like a binder or whatever. I mean, how do people carry their pencils?! I only can conceive it being in a pocket, but not all people have pockets.

Anyway, Icewolf is sick today. I'm coughing in an awful manor, sniffling every now and then, and just recently watched a show that's making me think oddly so I'm writing oddly. Thus, if I sound stiff, it's because I'm sick and I just watched a show where all the people were stiff.

Ah, I missed typing. I haven't done a lot of it recently, I'm more writing than anything. I'm almost done with book two of Outcasts! At first it seemed to me that I wasn't halfway done, but when I reached a certian scene it hit me that I was actually close to being done!

Whoa, I just realized something...give me a minute...December 8, 2009. That was a year ago technically. I've only gone through December 8, 2010, but not 2011. So I missed my one year anniversary of finishing Outcasts book one. Wow. It's been it has been two years since I started writing about a young teenager who joins a werewolf pack.

I'm...shocked. Two years. Oddly, that seems like a lot to me. It's the longest I've ever spent on a specific writing.

Xela, Tamiki, Aurum, Kayla, Akov, Ironamo, Flamdura, Emmy, Dragon, Morano, Linar, Takalo, the Forest Pack, triforms, were-hawks, were-dragons, the Ever-growing forest....all of it invented TWO years ago. Not one.

Oh wow.

Sorry guys, I keep obsessing over this, but it amazes me.




The Golden Eagle said...

I hope you feel better soon!

2 years of Outcasts--wow! Congratulations. :)

Icewolf said...

Thank you!

Scezzle said...

I second Eagle!