Saturday, January 8, 2011

Oh goodness, sorry!

It's been a while since my last post, but trust me, I still kept up with you guys.

So I just finished watching Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I was close to tears at the end! Not because Dumbledor died, but how touching it was that everyone raised their wands slowly to dispel the dark mark. *tear tear* Epic.

I have to say, I'm so glad the Harry Potter series stayed pretty spot on throughout. Sure, they had to cut a few scenes, but I think it was necessary for the way they were so accurate. 

So today I just starting this one story thinger, so tell me how you like it...

September 3, 4098
Dear whoever gets this,

I’m told that our class is sending letters to anonymous people at other schools, so that we may learn from them – and them about us. My question is, lean what? Aren’t we all humans? Don’t we all function the same way?

Anyway, I just wanted to put that out there. Maybe you have the answer. I’m Mimm by the way. Mimm Clearva. And yes my name does have two m’s at the end. My teachers used to yell at me for that, saying I was spelling my own name wrong. Imagine that! Spelling my own name wrong, I mean, seriously, how stupid are these people? But no, my mother always told me that it IS spelled with two m’s, and no matter what other people said it would be.

I don’t know what else to write right now. So, anonymous, can you tell me what we have to learn?

Until you write back,

September 24, 4098 (right?)

Dear Mimm,

I’m not quiet sure what you mean by human. What is a class?  I am…confused by you.

I’m not sure I should be writing back either. Then again, I’m not sure about anything. And besides, I do a lot of things I shouldn’t. Learning to read for example. Here, where I live, we aren’t allowed to read. Our teachers (that is what they are called, yes?) forbid us to learn, but I managed by reading the test sheets they sometimes leave behind. I have even learned to write.

Maybe your letter got to me by mistake. After all, I found it during Outdoor Time, which is my favorite time of the day. I get to feel warm and sometimes cold, experience different things like ‘wind’ and ‘rain. I stole a pencil and paper from my teachers, and am writing you back.

I hope you write back to me as well. I’d like that very much. Only thing is, how do I get it to you? I’ll find out.

Oh, my name is RX583U.

October 15, 4098

Dear RX583U,

Wow, you have a very weird name. Could I just call you Roxy? Or if you are a boy, Rox? That would just be easier on me.

Seems like you got your letter to me alright. That’s so cool! Outdoor Time sorta sounds like our recess. I don’t like going out into the rain much. And why can’t you learn to read or write? I think to reach a certain level of intelligence, legibility should be reached. If you don’t understand that, that’s okay, I sometimes use too many big words for my age. It confuses most of my friends, and my parents don’t like it. They get unnerved by it.

This is actually kind of fun. Can’t wait to hear back from you!


Ps. a class is a group of people who learn together at school.

November 5, 4098

Dear Mimm,

You’re last letter turned out weird. Some of the lines were gone over in black marker. Did you cross some lines out? And sure, you can call me Roxy. My teachers said I was female.

They are allowing me to write back to you and everything! I’m so happy, and they were especially proud that I had learned to ‘reach legibility’ without help. They gave me ice cream for it! I feel asleep afterwards, and felt a bit weird when I woke up. But I guess that’s because I hadn’t had any ice cream in forever.

I have a class too! It’s me, P4Y8I (a boy, so could you think of a good name for him? He found out that I have a ‘name’ and he wants one too. They all do), TR3S4 (girl), and R056N (boy again). We all learn things like how to climb over certain things or how to survive in aquatic (that’s one of my new words!) areas. I have a lot of fun.

Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

November 26,4098

Dear Roxy,

P4Y8I could be Peter, TR3S4 can be Teresa, and R056N can be Ron. I hope they like their names. It’s weird; you guys all have weird names. And weird things to learn. I’m starting to see how I can learn from you, and I’m getting excited about getting your letters.

At my school we learn things like math and science. Right now, we get to experiment with ice, and seeing what happens when we put it one white and black paper. Did you know that black attracts more heat? It makes me feel bad from a few kids in my class.

I personally don’t think much of ice cream. By my friends can’t get enough of it. Do you like it? And that’s weird about the black markering, I don’t remember crossing out anything.


December 17, 4098

Dear Mimm,

Peter, Teresa, and Ron all are grateful and excited about their names. We don’t dare let out teachers know about them though – they’d think we are getting ‘too smart for our own good’. A guy who named himself Robbie got too smart for his own good once. He ran out of our room and we never saw him again. Our teachers never talked about him either, even when we asked. Teresa misses him, and I think she used to like him on what our teachers label as on a ‘chemical level’. Whatever that means.

What is with your letters? The whole second section was blacked out. I’m not sure, but I think my teachers read my letters before I get them. I don’t think I like that thought very much.

So, tell me about your school. What is it like?


January 7, 4099

Dear Roxy,

You’re whole letter was blacked out! I don’t know what else to write!


January 7, 5000

Dear Mimm,

I’m so sorry that it’s been a year since our last letter. I couldn’t trust my teachers anymore.

We had to run away from school.

I found out our school wasn’t like other schools. Our school constantly tests us in the ways of combat and fighting. Peter, Teresa, and Ron all say “hi” by the way. All of us are fine, but we are on the run. If you see something called the ‘Runaway Children: Wanted for recent crimes’, that’s us. They’ve given us names as well for the posters. I’m called Rose Greenway, Teresa is Hannah Urkisha, Peter is Tom Curt, and Ron is Ronald Firr. Isn’t it funny how they got his name close? Please still call us by the names you gave us. We aren’t bad kids, or did any of the things they say we did.

They just want us back.

We agree that’s it’s risky to send you a letter, but you ARE the one who brought us to awareness that there is something else outside our school. We are free, and we forever have Outdoor time.

We’re going to stay where we are until you send us a letter. Then we’ll move to a different location. We’ll be going from orphanage (I’ve learned that they’re places that keep parentless children) to orphanage. And the people who work there don’t care if we come or go. The less they have to feed and care for, the better off they are.

Please write back. We’ll be waiting.

Roxy, Peter, Teresa, and Ron.


January 21, 5000

My dear Runaways,

I’ve seen you guys on the news and stuff! My parents responded to the ad saying how you were wanted for crimes committed recently by murmuring about how messed up teenagers were these days. I got angry at that. Wasn’t it the adults that had gotten messed up and ruined your lives? I wanted to get up and scream at them so bad, but then again, that would give me away. If my parents knew that I know you guys, they’d want me to turn you in right away. I can’t do that to innocent people.

Your letter came to me very quickly after you sent it. I can tell by the date. Before it took around 3-4 weeks and now it comes around 2 weeks. I’d have to guess that you would be traveling toward my direction, but going diagonally. I know this because if you came straight toward my direction in a year, you would be close.

I’m thinking of a plan to get you guys to be safe, so just come to my address okay? I’ll find you guys a place to live.



Scezzle said...

Yeah! I'm not the only person who crys in movies! Heh, I don't cry that much any more.
Your story sounds really cool. I'd like to read more!
Your blogging friend,
Scezzle ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I want to read more!! THAT WAS SO COOL! Oh, and sorry I haven't commented earlier, but whenever I'd try to comment, it wouldn't let me. Let's hope it's fixed now! *Crosses fingers*

The Golden Eagle said...

That scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince made me sniffle, too.

I love the way your story's in letter form! I was caught up in the conversation between the two characters.

Icewolf said...

Scezzle: I nearly cried. I don't cry often. Actually, the only movie I really cried in was Letters to God. THAT was a sad movie.
Shimmer: yeah, blogger likes to mess with us sometimes I guess. THANKS!
Eagle: Thank you, but I'm debating switching (as always) halfway through to regular story for when the Runaways catch up.