Monday, January 10, 2011

The last dragon update

Dragon Update:

Girnio: He's well and happy, helps me out here and there.
Gareth: Also well. He's been dubbed my fate/games dragon and is the possessor and protector of my collection of 12 dice.
Ginny: Is finally home! I wrote on my hand to remind myself that she needed to come home soon, and I got to take her home today! She was very nervous during the transfer from the art room to my house (going to various places along the way), but she made it! I have pictures uploading now, and I'm just so thrilled they're all home!

Each one has a newspaper egg birth. I would take them, wrap them into a ball of newspaper, and deliver them home where they were opened into a new world. I look at each of them with extreme pride - the pride of a mother I would assume, but don't hold me accountable for that.


Scezzle said...

Awesome! I have GOT to make some of my own. (I would have commented yesterday, but I only had time to read your post. Not like I'm that late! :))

The Golden Eagle said...

I love the color of the dragons. Great pictures of them!

book blogger said...

Those are so cool! You did a really great job!

Icewolf said...

Scezzle:Thanks, and they're really fun to make!
Eagle: Thank you!
BB:Thank you as well!