Sunday, January 9, 2011

Life continues to baffle me

It's weird. I'm weird. Everything is weird.

I'm finding more and more, that I truly do make a difference in people's lives. I know how corny and commercial (not to mention a tad self-centered ((SORRY!!!))) that sounds, but it's true. You never really know how much you impact someone unless they do something wonderful for you and it takes you unaware. I find that people who I never think about in depth, think highly of me even when I can't think highly of myself.

So, why doesn't everyone? I think that everyone does mean a WHOLE lot to someone (not including God of course, cause he'll alway love you) else. You can think you're hated by everyone, but there is someone who loves you. It may be a parent, a friend, or a adult figure you admire. And if there's none of those, God always will love you.

Just a little thought.

So today, I made cookies. Yum.

And while making cookies, I did my Honors essay. Yuck.

And after the essay while I was doing dishes, I created a song about completing my essay and the joy of having it done to the tune of 'White Christmas'. Wow.

Life baffles me.

Signed with a hum of 'I completed my essay',

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