Sunday, January 2, 2011


I'm disappointed and hurt. No one wanted to do my contest. And I was looking forward to it. The only winner (and almost the only enter ((Scezzle, yours counts, but))). Sofie won with

My cookie. Mine. You can't have it.

For the last one. *sniff* I almost wasn't going to blog tonight due to this. But don't worry, it's okay - contest closed. Congrats Sofie.

So! Just finished Doctor Who season 3 and onto season 4!!!

Signed with sniffles,


The Golden Eagle said...

I'm sorry, Icewolf! I didn't see your post since I was away from the blogs. :(

Sofia said...

Thanks Icewolf! I've said "My cookie. Mine. You can't have it." a few times... LOL.