Monday, April 26, 2010

Dancing in the rain

I don't know about the song, but actually doing it during a thunderstorm is the funnest thing ever. I skipped around the driveway, laughing and softly singing to myself. Then I just stood waiting for God's natural fireworks. That's right, lightning baby! I can't get enough of it! I'm just fascinated about fire, light that bolts down to the ground and if you're lucky you can see it, and energy in general. Did you know that fire isn't really matter, but energy? It's one of the few form of it. I just love that we can have access to one of the few forms of energy that there is.

Oh! And playing with fire is fun too. I know people give me weird looks when I say that, but I'm not a pyro where I'll set things on fire just for the fun of it. I will limit myself to running my finger into candlelight, watching campfire utterly mesmerized, and dream of controlling fire with a few well-spoken words.

So anyway, I had a blast in the first awesome lightning storm of the year. It was raining so hard, but I was so very happy. I love rain.

Inora: No wonder half you're characters are dark emo-like people
Icewolf: But they're just so fun to write about
Inora: And yet listening to dark music while typing this
Icewolf: Phantom of the Opera isn't dark music
Inora: the guy has half his face look like it was boiled and burnt, kills everyone, lures a nice girl to marry her against her wishes...not dark or creepy at all
Icewolf: hehehe...*rubs back of neck* but that's the movie, not the music
Inora: the music comes from the movie
Icewolf: you know what? Go give Charry a hug
Inora: I'm just glad you haven't drawn another comic yet
Icewolf: well...
Tamiki: Hey! Wat up peeps!
Icewolf: Ugh, those are disgusting
Tamiki: *gasps* how could you?!
Inora: I could too.
Tamiki: you don't count. It's in your nature
Inora: T.T"
Icewolf: *sticks out tongue*
Inora: *stabs with random pencil*
Tamiki: Soooooo, yeah are you guys still fighting again?
Icewolf: no, just a normal author-character relationship
Inora: an dark character realtionship
Icewolf: oh, shut it! I shouldn't have made you like this!
Inora: Ah, but you did
Tamiki: *face-palm* here they go. Do I need to get Akov?
Icewolf:  N-no!!!
Inora: I would like tha-
Icewolf: *kicks away* away fiend! before I torch you with my fire breath!
Inora: O.o" ???
Tamiki: *sigh* okay, I'll close the curtain again
Inora: no, let me do the honors. Laters! *jumps onto curtain rope and red curtain closes quickly*


The Golden Eagle said...

DYK that lightning is hotter than the surface of the sun? 70000-80000 degrees F.

Icewolf said...

Fascinating :D