Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hrr-ooo *dragon-tongue for sadness*

Btw, dragon-tongue is a language in one of my favorite books The Fire Within by Chris D'lacey. But the reason that's the title is because I felt like it. Dragon-tongue is just really fun to pronounce.

Inora: T.T" ???
Icewolf: hrrrr-rarrrr!

Anyways, I'm going to go type. Just wanted to check in with my blog. And I think I'm going to start a tag of my own:

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List five random things that have to do with any one random topic. My topic of choice: foods.
1.) I think sausage is gross
2.) I threw up a sausage once
3.) I like stir-fry very much
4.) Loooooooove Chinese/Japanese/Asian foods
5.) Haaaaaaaaate spice foods

I tag:
Golden Eagle

Enjoy the newly-created tag! ;D


Jayden Black said...

Boo yah!! You hear that Clare?! We've been tagged!!!
Cl: NO WAY!! You are da bomb Icewolf!
J: Oh most definetely! Thanks a ton!

Icewolf said...

Oh, well, you're welcome. Glad you're happy! :D