Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I've been tagged by Golden Eagle! I have to list eight books I would like to live in...

Maximum Ride
Who wouldn't want wings? I mean, seriously!

Being a cat and running through woods has got to be fun.

Just so I can be a werewolf and kill Edward, Bella, and (yes) Jacob for being melodramatic all the time.

Dur, I constantly dream of being inside my book!


The Dragon Series by Chris D'lacey
Come on, clay dragons that come to life has got to be cool


Dang it, out of all the books I read, I can't think of more. Grrr....*brain zap* Nothing, sorry. Yet I tag...

Shimmer (though I think Golden Eagle got you already)
Lesse, who else looks here...
Jadestar (hey, never heard of you before. welcome newbie!) 

The others are my school friends who obliged to 'follow' but never really do. 

Four days and a month left! (Icewolf Countdown)


Jayden Black said...

Well thanks! I think I'll put you in my book now!

Jack Smith said...

Icewolf, my name is Jaclyn. My dear wolf, things aren't right. I have been relocated by a fellow werewolf because of the killings. They are killing all of us off, Jayden, this means you too! Things are BAD!

Icewolf said...

Jayden: yay!
Jaclyn: OMCN! *begins a bomb* we must defend ourselves....wait, why?

Jayden Black said...

Okay, not you again! WHO ARE YOU?!

Icewolf said...

I just checked what you commented on Jayden's blog, and *points to blurb above* what does the second sentence say? And I'm pretty sure Jayden's says the smae thing.

All I ask is that you don't creep me out. Say what you want.

X-filer/advertisment: don't forget to go to Random Convos!

Jayden Black said...

Okay, I know who Jack is now...she's just a crazy. She's talking about her own pack. Her author knows my author I guess?? Is that right my friend?

Icewolf said...

Ooops! *flattens ruffled fur in embarassment* sorries!

Jayden Black said...

No prob!