Thursday, April 22, 2010


I haven't typed Ice Crystals in a long time. Sorry guys if you were waiting for it. Here it is, Chapter Two!


Chapter Two


            Cougar paced up and down. Shadow lazily followed his movements. I absently picked at the grass. We were yet again facing the city. We all supposed that it was our scientist’s doing that we were stuck in this setting. They thought that we were still dreaming of destroying cities and feeling the pleasurable blood-lust.
            “Can’t we send her back? She does nothing,” Cougar’s tail lashed. Shadow sighed.
            “When we get to the institute we’ll need her to fight,” he explained for the millionth time. Cougar bared his teeth, and then let out a sigh.
            “I’m sorry guys, it’s just that I haven’t hunted since the night we realized our brain-wash. I’m getting hungry. You may not like it Shadow,” Cougar sat back down with us, “but I still need to hunt or I’ll go mad and sorta, err, well…” He shifted.
            “What is it?” I asked. Even Shadow leaned forward.
            “It’s like…like a mix between a werewolf and a vampire. I need to eat something raw or I turn into a full cougar. Fur and all.”
            I couldn’t help but laugh. “Sorry,” I wheezed, “but I just love the way you described it. Sorry, sorry.” I fought to control myself, but when Cougar joined in and Shadow’s mouth quirked I couldn’t.
            When our laughter subsided, I clutched my stomach that had become sore. “Do you think we should get back to the waking world now? It’s bound to be morning by now.” I asked. Shadow nodded, and suddenly disappeared. Cougar stared at the spot he had been at, and then turned to me.
            “You know what Crystal? I’m really glad we aren’t related,” he told me. I recoiled.
            “What?” I exclaimed. He smiled, but then disappeared. As soon as he was gone, rough winds tossed open my wings forcibly. I struggled to remain on the ground, but the wind threw me up into the sky. Below me was the city.
            I closed my eye. No, this is part of the brain-washing. This isn’t what you want to do! But there was an explosion of energy from me, and the city shook. The neatness of the buildings was destroyed. I couldn’t help the happiness bubbling inside of me that nothing was in its right place.
            Without my mind in my own control, my arms raised and spun in a circle in front of me. The rubble from the city rose and followed the path I traced. It spun around, like a hurricane on steroids. Vainly I wished Shadow or Cougar would awaken me at anytime now. Make it stop! I silently asked no one.
            Abrupt as it started, the chaos stopped. My arms were still making circles, but nothing flew anymore spare me. I want to get down! I cried within my mind, struggling to get a hold of myself. The thing controlling me seemed to fight back, making it hard for me to bring in my wings. But slowly and shakily I forced them back onto my back. The ground rose to meet me, welcoming me back.
            I collapsed onto the ground, panting and wings shivering. I heard something rustle. My brain seized control of my body, sending me backward. My feathers ruffled in fear and defense.
            A huge wolf slid out of the sparse shrubbery. It curled its lip up at me. Yellow fangs glinted into the sunset. Coarse silver-red fur rippled as the wolf tensed. Its tail swished in the air.
            It opened its jaws…


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