Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's less than a month left now!!!!! GAH!!!!!

Anyway, I haven't had a talk with Inora for forever now.

Inora: that's because you're torturing me with that fiend of the underworld
Icewolf: so you're not talking to me
Inora: Tamiki, tell Icewolf no
Tamiki: er, no?
Icewolf: why you ungrateful twerp!
Inora: Tell Icewolf she's a twit
Tamiki: uh...
Icewolf: Hrr-rar! I will eat you!
Inora: W-what? O.o"
Icewolf: prepare for pain! Om nom nom nom!
Inora: GAH! *swipes paw* away from me! away i say!
Tamiki: *creates a shield between the two* er, guys?
Icewolf: What?!
Tamiki: I think that you should leave this until we are out of the blogworld, maybe?
Icewolf: .....*slowly turns to audience, horrified* oooooooooooh 0.O"
Inora: failure
Icewolf: shut it!
Tamiki: don't start again!
Icewolf: right, *makes Inora vanish with a pop*
Inora: *comes back*
Icewolf: ARG! O_O ????
Tamiki: er, I'm just gonna, you know, leave...UWAH!
Akov: hey fellow peoples! *appears out of nowhere*
Icewolf: W-w-where did you come from?! O/////O
Inora: is that - could it be? blush?!
Icewolf: gah! *makes him disappear* and stay away!
Inora: *pops back* never! Icewolf like Akov! Icewolf like 'lil Kovy!
Icewolf: *stabs him* I said SHUT IT!
Akov: T.T"  er...
Icewolf: O///////////////O
Tamiki: *softly to Akov* i think this is where we just go
Akov: I think you're right....
Icewolf: Inora i shall torture you with Charry!
Inora: GAH! not that fiend-
Icewolf: of the underworld! we KNOW!
Tamiki: Well folks, I'm closing the curtain on this insanity! Bye! Cya later! *slowly closes random red curtain* bon voyage! farewell!
Icewolf: Inora you are so DEAD!


The Golden Eagle said...


What's this about Akov?

BTW, did you post a How to Train Your Dragon widget thing yesterday? My Dashboard keeps telling me people have posted, and when I go and check, it says "Page not found" and etc.

Icewolf said...

Akov...I love him dearly. As for the how to train your dragon thing, yeah, why?

Jack Smith said...

Love it!! Laughed so hard!

Icewolf said...

Thanks! Akov and Tamiki send their regards, and

Inora: I am depressed right now.
Icewolf: as always