Friday, April 16, 2010


I didn't know what else to put a title up. I just want to see what most of you think of this little preview of Awaking, book two of Outcasts.

             “Aurum, it’s not your fault,” Tamiki bent his head, giving Aurum one of his hard obsidian stares. He blinked. Next to him Kayla glared at the squirrel, obviously angry that yet again Xela had become center of the pack.
            “But I couldn’t stop it,” Aurum choked out. “It’s my fault. She gone, gone, gone…” He groaned, sinking into a heap. Kayla nudged the prey at him, but Tamiki turned before he observed anything else. This was such a mess. He would give anything to just make it stop. Anger bubbled inside him, growing and growing.
            All the anger was channeled into one long howl into the sky. Tamiki tried to keep himself in control, but dark fire lapped at his fur, shadowing it to a midnight color. Tamiki’s heart exploded with anger, sadness, and pain.
            Emmy bolted awake. Aurum snapped his head up. Flamdura roared in surprise. Kayla sprang back.
            “Tamiki! Stop it!” Flamdura roared.
            “What’s going on?” cried Emmy. Kayla let out a scream. But all that mattered to Tamiki was the pain, slowly turning his fur black. Dark fire spun around him, blocking his view of the remaining Outcasts.
            “Xela!” he bayed. “Oh, Xela!” The negative emotions exploded out of him, creating a bomb-like explosion without the physical wind. Shadows spread away from him like an avenging army. It went inside the Outcasts, and continued its path. From above, it was seen like an earth-quake.
            Around him there were screams. Tamiki panted, the sounds muffled by his beating heart. “Xela,” he moaned. When he finally lifted his head, the destruction around him was astounding.
            A few trees had toppled over, creating more light. The Outcasts were hunched over, bearing his pain briefly. But the light in them was consuming the shadows Tamiki had expelled, and at a fast rate. He could feel his dark emotions being depleted rapidly.
            “T-tamiki, what have you done?” Kayla panted.
            Next to her, Aurum was very still.

Well?! WELL?! How is it? Bad? Good? Horrible? I know it might seem confusing, but then you'd feel like you'd want to read Outcasts and Awaking to find out what happens, so yay for me.


The Golden Eagle said...

Tres awesome, Icewolf.

Icewolf said...

Tee-hee! That's Tamiki for ya!