Monday, April 5, 2010

I want to thank

Ever since I visited her blog, Shimmer has commented for my every post. She was my first follower and a great fellow writer. She draws way better than I ever can, so let me give thanks for her dedication to my blog! *claps and allows Shimmer to take the spotlight*

Her blogs:


Anonymous said...

*Tears up* Awww! Thank you so much, Icewolf! (I'm REALLY actually tearing up, if you can believe it! XD) I'm really, really happy!! I couldn't have a better winged wolf-buddy anywhere! *Hugs all around* I am happy to comment on your blogs, too! They're amazing, so it should be no surprise that your blogs are so popular! :) When we're older, maybe we can be author buddies and write by the same company! If my stories get published, my mention of books would be the "Outcasts" series! I wish you the best for your blogs and life, Icewolf! *Sobs happily*

Your fellow winged, furry, and emotional freind,
~Shimmer Kitty

P.S. Very sorry for the long message! :D

Icewolf said...

*smiles* i'm just so grateful that i have such a faithful follower! if i get published before YOU i'll recommend you and list your series! *wings aflutter*

Jayden Black said... hate Justin Beiber?? I HAVE NEVER FELT SO CLOSE TO YOU BEFORE!! OH THANK YOU!! No boy should sing if they haven't hit puberty yet...

Icewolf said...

ever so agreed

Icewolf said...

unfortunately, that didn't stop Micheal Jackson