Friday, August 12, 2011

And so, in light of listening to Christmas music...

Though the title has nothing to do with the post, nonetheless I am listening to some Christmas music.

So, I thought to organize my thoughts and come up with some character descriptions. Who knows, maybe I'll come up with someone new. :)

Let's start with a classic...

Story and character rank: Planned for Outcasts, but never really got in, so no rank.
Personality: Easily irked, sarcastic, moody, but loyal and fierce. Can control dark magic. (I think he'll be used in book two of SOF, cause I miss him XD)
Description: off-white werewolf with sharp green eyes.
What he/she has to say: I'm a classic? I'm flattered.

Story and rank: Soul of Fire (SOF) and is the main character
Personality: Rebellious, leader, caring and loving. Has magiks, though not much.
Description: purple dragon with brown eyes, though in human form she has brown hair and eyes.
What he/she has to say: Hmm...not much. I don't usually make contact with the blogworld.

Story and rank: Elemials and her master is the main character.
Personality: Fiery temper, but also playful.
Description: ginger firecat.
What they have to say: *hiss* *curls tail around paws and licks one absentmindedly*


Story and rank: Heart of Ice (book 2 of SOF) and sister to Inora
Personality: Quiet...unlike Inny...
Description: creamy brown with an overcoat of a darker brown, and green eyes like Inny
What they have to say:..........

Clover: *serene voice* I guess since I'm Nora's sister...I'm a blogworld wolf now?
Inora: Oh...don't tell me you just used my nickname...
Tamiki: *snickers* Nora? It fits you.
Inora: *blushing* It does not!
Akov: I does suit you. *dark chuckling*
Inora: *muttering* thanks Clover....
Clover: *innocent* What'd I do??
Icewolf: Nothing, Inny's just angry cause he's being made fun of.
Tamiki and Akov: *shoulder to shoulder, swaying* Nooooora....oh Noooooooraaa.....
Inora: Will you two just shut up!!!
Icewolf: Hmm....*looks Clover over*
Clover: *blinks*
Icewolf: GUYS!
Tamiki/Akov/Inora: *freeze*
Icewolf: I found a permanent fifth party!
Tamiki: *eyes glowing* Really??? Like, I know Sauntoyi left...and Crystal kinda are you sure she's for real?
Clover: Um...
Icewolf: Oh yes. I like her.
Akov: *flies over and hugs Clover* Welcomewelcomewelcome!
Icewolf: O.O
Tamiki: O.O
Inora: O.O
Clover: o-o????
Akov: What?
Icewolf: AWWWWWWWWWWW! Kovvie! >w<
Inora: I'm not sure I'm okay with this...
Tamiki: *waves him off* Oh, shush. Ever since Icewolf moved on, he's been all alone. Let him be happy.
Akov: O////O What are you guys talking about?!?! *awkwardly steps away from Clover*
Icewolf: You forget I know you too well...
Akov: *blushes even harder* W-what?
Clover: *blinks* Excuse me? Inora? What just happened?
Inora: Something I'm really not going to react well to...
Akov: It was just a hug!
Tamiki: *dramatically produces a rose and waves it in a theatrical way* Ah, but that simple hug betrayed it all! Love at first sight! *sighs and clutches the rose to his chest* Oh how I can sense your beating heart! Going faster and faster at the thought of Clover...sweet sweet Clover....
Akov: *PUNCH*
Tamiki: *out like a light*
Akov: I let him talk too long...stupid attention freak....
Clover: Nora? I'm confused.
Inora: STAY AWAY FROM HER!!!! *blasts Akov with dark magic*
Akov: *uses his arms to block it, thinking "What on earth did I do to deserve this...."*
Icewolf: Ah, chaos. I've missed thee. *click*

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