Thursday, December 16, 2010

(No title today, cause I'm lazy like that)

Tamiki: Oooh, character convo? 
Crystal: I would assume so, seeing that she's writing our names and what we are saying. 
Inora: Don't assume. It makes an a** out of 'u' and me. 
Akov: What?
Inora: Honestly. Look at the word 'assume'. What words are in it?
Akov: Well there's a-
Icewolf: ANYWAY. I happen to be listening to Oliver. 
Crystal: The play?
Icewolf: Yes, the songs. Currently "Fine Life". I was in the play you know. I did mics. And let me tell you, the person who played Nancy was HARD to keep under control. 
Inora: That made no sense to me. 
Icewolf: *waves hand absent-mindedly* So let's go through this list I found. *takes a sheet of paper out of pocket*
Inora: L-list?
Icewolf: Yeah, why?
Inora: Did you read it *alarmed look* 
Icewolf: ...No, but I saw it was something like a list.
Inora: Gimme that!!!
Tamiki: Oooooooh, is it a poem little Inneh wrote? 
Inora: *snatches paper out of Icewolf's paws* No! 
Tamiki: *mockingly* Too bad I can't tell if you're lying or not. I can't take your word for it, so just to make sure, why don't you let me into that tiny brain of yours...
Inora: NEVER! 
Akov: So what is this paper? *assassin skills takes it out of his hand* 
Crystal: Read it out loud! 
Akov: *scans the paper, then turns red* Oh.
Icewolf: What does it say!!!
Akov: *looks at Inora, who is trying to bury himself in the nothingness in my mind* Wow. 
Tamiki: What does it say?!
Akov: *jumps out of his reach and into the air* Uh-uh. I'm not reading this out loud. 
Tamiki: Then I will! Now give it to me!!!
Akov: Fine. *lets paper float down*
Inora: *intercepts* Heck no! 
Icewolf: You can't hide anything from me!!!
Inora: You know darn well I can!
Icewolf: But not for long. I love a good story.
Inora: Well screw the story! I'm sick of this! I can't stand it here anymore. I hate being a part of your fricking stories, I hate being used, and I hate taking part of your daydreams! 
Icewolf: O////O W-what?
Inora: I'm done! I'm no longer just someone you can daydream about, I have my own feelings as well!!! 
Icewolf: *softly* I always counted your feelings into it. 
Inora: I know! That's what makes it so complicated!!!
Tamiki: Whoa, wait, is this why you and Icewolf had problems before with the whole 'borrowing personality' thing? Because you were confused and angry?
Inora: ANGRY. I'm in a rage. 
Akov: I can see that. 
Crystal: And what does the paper have to do with this. 
Akov: It's a poem. About his confusion. 
Crystal: Confusion over...
Inora: *throws a hand at Akov, and suddenly he can't speak* *darkly* You won't ever tell. Akov Shadowspark don't ever underestimate my powers. 
Icewolf: WHOA! Inora, calm down! *grabs his hand* What is the freaking matter? Why can't you tell us?
Inora: *draws away* ............
Icewolf: *imploring look* 
Inora: ...I can't say. Just let me go cool off okay? *withdraws his magic from Akov and walks away* 
Icewolf: *watches him go with a strange look on her face* 
Tamiki: Wow. That was...dramatic. 
Akov: *quaking all over, recovering from what just happened*
Crystal: What is his deal?
Icewolf: *quietly, not looking at any of them* Inora was always a different sort of character. He really did seem to have a mind of his own, and for some reason I could communicate easier with him than any of my other characters. It may seem crazy to normal people, and I'm not even sure if it happens to other authors as much as this....but it really did seem like he was like for lack of a better term, 'imaginary friend'. By definition, he didn't exist, but I still knew what he would be thinking, or what he would say. It might be because he was my first blog buddy, and that I've gotten used to his personality so well. And somehow...I don't find it weird....
Tamiki: Well I do. 
Akov: And we're not that close to you?
Icewolf: You are. Inora is just different. 
Crystal: Wow....
Icewolf: Yeah.
Tamiki: I'm not sure I can continue right now *reaches over and 


The Golden Eagle said...

Poor Inora.

I feel, sometimes, like my characters are kind of "imaginary friends" as well; they're there when I think of them, and they talk.

book blogger said...

I have a confession to make. *sigh*

Last night I dreamed about you. You'll probably think that's weird, but I did.

Scezzle said...

Hope he feels better soon, Inora, I mean.

Sry, I don't really know what to say......

Scezzle said...

What. Maddy, you dreamed about Icewolf. You don't even know what she looks like-much less her age.

Heh, the word verification says quiter...*quietly*.oh...I just thought of some thing..sry.

Whiskfang said...

Hey i dream about Inora everyday and he is a character!!!! I even made my friend say "Inora" in our handshake

book blogger said...

I didn't actually see her. I didn't want too. In the dream (no offence) she was *ahem* well, evil.
She was taking control of little kids minds and stuff like that.

Sorry. I know you're not really like that. Actually, maybe you are. How would I know? I've never met you.

Icewolf said...

Eagle: I hope he feels better. And doesn't it just drive you up the wall? :)
Book blogger: I actually don't find that really creepy. I mean, we can't control our dreams, right?
Scezzle: Thanks, me too.
Whiskfang: O.o Wowwie. I can't believe you love him so much. :)
Book blogger (2): Lol. Legitimately lol. And I don't do that often.

Whiskfang said...

Was Santa Claus kidnapping every body in your dream?!?!?!?

Shimmer the Cat(Admin) said...

Noko: ...Inora? Poor thing.
Shimmer: Charry does actually seem kind of like an imaginary friend.
Charry: Ha-DURR. I AM an imaginary friend.
Noko: ...riiight.
Shimmer: Inora, it's fine. We're all here for you. :)