Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I entered that story I posted a while back! I'm excited. After much revising and many heated debated with my mom over how the sentences should be, it was completed last night, and handed in this morning. My teacher however, seemed amused that I handed mine in, making me slightly mad. Here I was, working hard, and managing to hand in my story early, and he looked smugly at me. *flicks tail and beats wings in slight fury, eyes flashing*

And so, I move on to the topic that I have chosen to put up in the little title box. Dragons. Oh yes, I love them. I'm thinking of changing my profile picture again to a dragon that I just edited on Picnik.\

Isn't it pretty? I just love it. Ice...dragon.

Speaking of dragons, Dragon Update:

Gareth- He's DONE!!!! As you can see, he is quite huge. No wonder Girnio was freaked out by his arrival, but he soon forgot when he saw his new book. Anyhow, Gareth and I decided that he was the dragon of fate, chance, and games. I'm not exactly sure about his powers, but that is what he can control. His eyes were meant to be red, but the red glaze is really hard to get right and it paled to a white. Which I'm okay with, it work. This was my graded assignment in class, and my art teacher gave me a 97. I gave myself a 96. :D He's lacking a bit of glaze in a few spots, and he's not perfect, but I love him anyway.

Ginny- glazed and ready to fire.

Girnio- thrilled about his new book.

I wonder what I'm going to do when the dragons are all done. I'll miss posting about them. Maybe they'll enter the blogworld every now and then...



Scezzle said...

Wow! He looks so cool! I love how big and black he is!
Does Girnio like books? (I do! By the way, I love his blue color.)
I can't wait to see Ginny!
Say hi to them all for me!

book blogger said...

You're really good with clay!
I also like the blue colour!

The Golden Eagle said...

Good luck with your story!

Those dragons look amazing!

Icewolf said...

Scezzle- Thanks. Girnio love books. That's his own journal. And they all hurr back!
Book blogger- Thank yous!
Eagle- *grins* Thanks!

Rae B said...

Love the dragons! =)

By the way, I saw your post and I scheduled it to post next Monday! Thanks! very much! =D