Saturday, December 25, 2010

*winks* Merry Christmas guys!

Inora: Just to save the blogging world a rant about how great the number '18' is, I'll just let you know Icewolf got the entire last Yu-Gi-Oh series, so she knows the ending.
Icewolf: *sniff* WHY!!!! Oh, Atem, I'll miss you!!! *wails*
Inora: And...she's very saddened by it. *pats her on the head* least it ended well, huh?
Icewolf: BUT HE LEFT!
Inora: And that's fine, just how the story was supposed to end. Please stop crying, it's Christmas.
Icewolf: A-alright....OH! That's right, here! *shoves gift into his hands*
Icewolf: *nods, beaming happily*
Icewolf: I wondered what to get you so much that it made my head hurt, and then it hit me *rubs head, remembering the hitting* You like?
Inora: *holds up a sparkely rock and a scarf* It hit you?
Icewolf: Yeah, in the head. It hurt, but it'll be worth it if you like it.
Inora: What does it do?
Icewolf: transforms into anything! And the scarf I just saw and knew it was for you.
Inora: No kidding (it's a black scarf and all...)
Icewolf: So do you like it?!
Inora: Yeah! But I didn't get you anything-
Icewolf: *hugs* That's okay! You're my character, so you don't have to get me anything!
Inora: What does being your character have to do with that?
Icewolf: *laughs* Nothing, but it really doesn't matter.
Inora: Well, merry Christmas, Icewolf *hugs*
Icewolf: Merry Christmas!

So my hoard this year: The complete last series of Yu-Gi-Oh, an American Eagle sweatshirt, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Kirby's Epic Yarn (this grass feels funny ((just some random inside joke))), and with one of the Yu-Gi-Oh books I got a card called Judgement of the Pharaoh with Atem on it. I was kneeling over in laughter - a while back me and my brothers were play-acting ourselves have a card called 'Yugi' and it beats all. :D

Merry Christmas!!!


Selena Gomez said...

Yayy! Hi Icewolf! I'm glad you had a good Christmas! I did too! Did you ever read the book Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs? It was hilarious, I love it!!! :D Yeah, this is a totally random comment... But I'm in a random mood... :D :D :D MERRY CHRISTMAS! (a day late... LOL)


Icewolf said...

I remember faintly the book, but I think the movie was brilliant (sorry, been watching BBC). And randomness is sweet, right? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sofia said...

Yes! We all love randomness!

Yesterday I finally changed my screen name to Sofia... LOL.

I love British shows and movies... I've watched a few episodes of Law & Order UK, which is pretty awesome.