Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hair cut!

*pats hair* I only got a trim, but it feel and looks nice. So this afternoon I wrote another dragon scene.

            A look of contempt passed over Ginny’s face, and she flew to the nearest perch, a tall drawer. Girnio called after her, distraught that he had offended her. Ginny only huffed, swished her tail, and pointedly turned her back.
            Girnio was crestfallen. He was such a klutz. For a sense dragon, he seemed to be awful at words when it came to female dragons. Granted, it might just be that Ginny was intimidating and that she was the only she-dragon he knew, but still found himself tongue-tied.
            Gareth, a dragon whose specialty was unknown, however seemed to entrance Ginny. He had a rumbling, slow hurr, and no doubt his considerable size made Ginny feel safe. Gareth was slow, thoughtful, and for the most part, sleeping. He didn’t seem to care much about anything, and it was a wonder to Girnio how Ginny would take to him.
            He scuffed her ground with a night-blue paw. Insults to himself rang inside his head. Clumsy. Stupid. Inconsiderate. He was so down on himself that he didn’t see Gareth raise his head and nudge him.
            Don’t let her get you down, Gareth growled, the first words of encouragement Girnio had heard from the older dragon since he arrived. Girnio was caught off guard, and hiccupped a breath of smoke in surprise. Gareth blinked, then curled back up into his resting position.

But then I was interrupted by JKshooterman  so I had to stop. Poor Girnio. He only wants to be friends. 

Ginny: Hrph! (translation: as if!)
Icewolf: Oh give it a rest. He wasn't doing any harm.
Ginny: *growls*
Girnio: *yelps softly, hiding under a sheet of paper*
Inora: They need more backbone. 
Icewolf: *just looks at him, blushes, then looks at Akov, who is coming onto the scene* So are you ready for tomorrow?
Akov: *grin* Yeah, I'm getting my act together and everything! 
Crystal: What's tomorrow? 
Icewolf: Tomorrow, I borrow his personality for a short skit with my friends. Nothing major. 
Inora: Wait, you mean you're going to borrow again? Why not use my personality?
Icewolf: *softly* Cause you're being difficult to, as I say, 'slip into the character'. Kovvie is easier for me to deal with. 
Akov: Why do you care anyway?
Inora: *shuts up*
Crystal: Maybe he doesn't want what's happened with him and Icewolf happen to you too. 
Akov: Wait, what happened?
Icewolf: Well, when I borrowed his personality, I became so much closer in mind to him.
Akov: O.o??? Okay, so if you're closer why can't you use him in the skit then?
Icewolf: *glares at Inny* Well, as I said, he's being difficult.
Inora: *silent*
Tamiki: ....well sorry to break the dramatic moment (Inora: *thankful look*) but I wanted to ask, where's the Christmas spirit, Icewolf? No fun background or anything.
Icewolf: Every background I tried didn't work with the sense of the blog. But if I could I would put up cute little lights, so all of you imagine for a minute Christmas lights...

*ends with a fade to Christmas lights*

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Scezzle said...

I got a trim a while ago. I LOVE short hair. And I love haircuts and when people play with my hair. It feels so GOOOOOOD. (Unless they pull, ouch!)