Sunday, December 12, 2010



So here's the deal- I have $100 now. I get around $100 around Christmastime and my birthday (which is extremely close to Christmas). Then I have $200. My parents promise to give me another $100 if I put it toward *dun dun dunnnn* A CAMERA! A very good, veeeery good camera. Then I have $300. I need to raise one more hundred, and then we go searching for a camera and my parents pay for what ever is left of the price (probably yet another hundred :D). So basically, within a year, I expect to gain a shnazzy camera. One that'll take great photos and everything! So, I'm excited for that. Every time I see a brilliant photo (mainly on Dakota's blog) I say to myself soon Icewolf. Soon you can take photos like that. Of course though, you'll have to train a little more...with you skills as they are now...
But, says another voice in my head, look what you can do with just a regular normal camera. Imagine an advanced one!
But what if I can't work it out because it's too advanced for my poor mind?
You'll figure it out. That's why they have manuals. 
....are you sure?
You can't lie to me. 
*curses* You'll get there alright?!
But what if I don't?!
YoU WiLl! 
Are you SURE?
....are you lying to me?
I thought you said I couldn't lie to you. 
I hate you. 
Love you too. 

Oops, sorry, random convo with myself! I do have a few doubts, but that's why I hope to take a course in photography next year! And I'll drop my study hall again and take my other electives- Art, German, and Drama.

Anyhow, I'm excited! Who else is happy to see Christmas around the corner?
I am!
But it's so far away!
Oh shut up, will you?
Cause you're such a downer. 
But there always needs to be the voice of doubt. 
What did I just say?
That I'm a downer?
No, shut up. 

Gah! Can't keep having a conversation with my optimistic and pessimistic side!


Scezzle said...

*Warning: long comment*
Huh, my camera S-U-C-K-S, SUCKS! First, it has terrible lighting. TERRIBLE! Second, oh yeah! It has video! WITH NO SOUND! Third, It sucks out the batteries, EVEN WHEN I'M NOT USING IT! (By the way, I need a new batterie recharger too, my old one broke.) Fourth, I just hate it. IT SUCKS!
Okay, sorry, enough complaining. I'm done.
By the way, do you have a german background? (I do) Are you learning german? I am, was, going to. I know a few words, and sentances...I think.
Like: (I hope I'm spelling these right.)
I knew bird, but I've forgoten.
Yeah! Maybe I helped you all with a little bit of german! To bad I can't tell you how to say them. :P I also know words like apple, watermelon, strawberrie, table, house, thank you-by the way, did you know that you're welcome and please are the same word in german? Bitte.
Danke (Thank you) for reading this long comment.

The Golden Eagle said...

Congratulations! How exciting! :D

Icewolf said...

Scezzle- Actually, I'm of actual Dutch background, my grandparents come from the Netherlands. I am taking German 1, so I know a bit. Ich hisse (there really is a weird 'b' thing, but it's similar to the sound of two 'ss') anyways, Ich hisse Icewolf, and ich bin (blank) Jahre (think I spelled that wrong) alt. :) Ich komme mit demm Schulbus zur Schule.
Eagle: THANKS! :D

Whiskfang said...

My birthday was on the thirteenth. i got a camera!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm saving up for a proffessinal camra too!!! :D I only have, like, 175 dollars tho. ^^;; I'm gettin' there!