Friday, December 3, 2010

*rolls eyes*

So here I am, sitting with Pookee. And I have to rant a little, but I'll do that later.

Today, I am officially sick. :D I woke up and it felt like my saliva glands hadn't worked all night. My mouth was as dry as sand, and it felt like I had swallowed sand. Inside and outside of my neck hurt (but I think the muscles were sore from gym class, but that doesn't say anything about my throat). When I stood up, my head rushed and pounded something awful. There is no way I'm going to go through school feeling like this, I told myself. My mom told me to take a shower to make sure I wasn't really sick. I did. I  wasn't feeling any better. I had a slight fever, and finally I was allowed to stay home. So I'm pretty happy! I got to rest, and despite that I ache all over the region of my head and neck, my day was smooth.

Alright rant time. As you know me, I love to rant when I'm upset by something, and they don't really have any importance to your personal lives, so it is perfectly fine for you to skip. Then why, do you ask, do I still post rants? Well, I can't really keep them in.

So, my brother, JKshooterman (I still very much dislike his chosen screen name), has taken to the obsession of making horrible amateur movies. And they all are the same thing. In the same background. With the same format. I wouldn't mind if it was one movie that he made like this. But just the sense of multiple bad movies has infected me every time he goes on. My parents had to even restrict him like me with a limited amount of time. That right there means he has issues!

I mean, what I do in my time is interacting stuff with real people. Like you guys EXIST. But what he does is totally pathetic! He sits around and edits and watches videos. Videos. They don't exactly interact with other people do they? *mutters darkly under her breath* I wouldn't even mind it if he just left them on the computer, but no...he has to go and post them on Youtube so that normal people can prey upon his amateurness.


Alright, I've always been protective of JK. I don't like him giving himself opportunities to set himself up for being poked fun of. He can't really tell what will harm him and what won't! So I have to tell him what people will accept and what won't (he tried to mix politics into his videos, and that in itself would offend many). And he gets upset when I do. *sigh*

Anyway, rant over.

*sighs again* I'm just tired right now. G'night.


Scezzle said...

I hope you get better soon!
Or is that what you don't want? :?
Ha! Ha! That's cool! Big nose.

The Golden Eagle said...

That grin kinda threw me off for a moment; when I feel sick, I want to get over it as soon as possible! But I guess staying home from school is a bonus. :)

Icewolf said...

Scezzle: I didn't have a choice, I'm awl better now.
Eagle: I don't get sick often, so this was really special! :D

Scezzle said...

He he! I like getting sick too! I get off school work! :D (we are quite alike, you think?)