Monday, December 6, 2010

Holy Chicken Nuggets!

I never knew my nails grew so fast and feel bad for embellishing much on the last post. I'm already out of my band-aid and much ashamed of over-exaggeration. *sighs* But that Icewolf for you. :D So yeah, right now it's just a fun little nick in my nail.

So I revised that story entry I posted a while back, and I think a few things are more explained. So, I'll set up a page for that so that you guys can enjoy it! I'll let you guys know if I win or not. Probably not, there are plenty of better writers than me. But this is one of my greater works I think, even if not prize-worthy. :) Most prizes aren't given to the ones who deserve it anyway.

Dragon Update-

Gareth- Apparently he wasn't in the batch that was fired this weekend (which I was bummed about, I was so worried that something might have gone wrong all weekend) so he's firing this week. Still seems moody to me though.

Ginny- I've settled on a color! And she agrees with me. There wasn't a pink (which she silently is upset about, pink would've suited her), and the teal the my art teacher had slightly repulsed us both. Our eyes caught sight of a brilliant orange color and it was just her. She doesn't have an eye color, cause they're closed, but I would think they are a bright teal (I was thinking green-blue).

Girnio- Still as lovely as ever. He has a habit of curling around my mind and hurring in my ear, or alighting upon a bookcase inside my mind and blowing smoke rings as he lightly observed around him. ....Whoops! That sounded a bit more like a book than a blog post, huh? Ah well, I liked it.

He had a habit of curling around my mind and hurring in my ear, or alighting upon a bookcase inside my mind and blowing smoke rings as he lightly observed around him. It seemed as though my world was his to morph - and in every sense it was. What was nothing was his. And nothingness became something in his paws. The occasional jet of fire flared whenever he was confused, but for the most part Girnio the sense dragon was a collected and intelligent dragon. Given the chance he would open his considerably too small wings and take to the air. His kin, the dragon Gareth, who was just coming into the recesses of my mind, hurred in slight awe to how his tiny wings kept Girnio aloft. Girino frowned at him and hurred angrily back. Just because Gareth had bigger wings to help him fly didn't mean Girnio need the same amount. 

A pale and slightly translucent orange female dragon watched the two males bicker. She flicked her tail and snorted. Males, she thought, not happy unless fire is blowing. She herself wasn't one to speak though. Unusually keen to roar her might for most female dragons, Ginny had never considered herself to be typically...soft for lack of better words. Perhaps it was because she was much smaller than even Girnio that caused her to be quick to prove she was just as tough as them. She glanced at her scales, noting the day when she and her owner had picked out the color. It had been difficult to find the right color to suit her personality, but in the end, a bright orange was the best. 

And I just realized how much Ginny is like me. Maybe that's why I can already know about her personality even though I haven't even glazed her. Weird. Anyhow, later blogworld!



Son of the King said...

@ Icewolf,

Great post! You never fail to keep me from laughing. Oh, and by the way I love the excerpt from your story and the idea of 'nationalized' dragons.

~Son of the King~
(Once again celebrating, but this time it's 36k!!)

The Golden Eagle said...

It sounds like Ginny finally got the right color! :)

Scezzle said...

Orange! Why didn't I think of that? Sounds like a perfect color for Ginny. I can't wait to see them!
Once I dropped my Ice skate on my toenail. It turned blue and fell off. Nice subject eh?

Scezzle said...

Holy Chicken Nuggets, He he! I like that!
P.S. I LOVE your blog! ;D

Icewolf said...

SOTK- Aw, thank you! What do you mean by 'nationalized'?
Eagle- she has, and we're happy
Scezzle- you ice skate too! *beams* not much fun about the toenail though...and thank yous! I feel special again...