Thursday, December 2, 2010

Photo contest

So here are my three that I'm entering...

Under the pretty category, my small frog.

Second (cat)egory, funny:
 Some call me...the UpsidedownSuperCat!!!

And for cute, though some may not think so-

*All photos are taken by me and therefore copyright to me! Thank yous!


Lauren said...

Thanks so Much!

The Golden Eagle said...

Cool pictures!

Scezzle said...

Are those your animals? (I mean, not the frog, Which, by the way, are so fun to catch, but the dog and cat?)
So cute!
P.S. Lauren, I'll send you my pics ASAP!

Icewolf said...

Lauren- Welcome! I hope I did well.
Eagle- Thank yew!
Scezzle- Well, the frog we found while I was at a camp, and the dog/cat were both pets of my one friend. Hope you do well with the pictures as well!

Scezzle said...

So cute! I posted my pictures on my PAWS blog, check them out!

Icewolf said...

I did, very kewl!!!