Monday, November 29, 2010

So now that THAT'S over...

Tamiki: yaY! chARaCtEr COnvO!
Crystal: Yes, wonderful use of the caps key. 
Tamiki: Just what I do.
Akov: Along with many other things...
Crystal: Oh? Like what?
Tamiki: Like this! *throws pie at Icewolf, who is just coming in*
Icewolf: *dodges and throws a hammer back* Hello to you too. Have you guys seen Inny?
Akov: I think he's observing your little brother.
Icewolf: You mean X-filer? Why-
Akov: No freaking idea.
Crystal: They were trying to 're-bond' after X-filer got over his jealousy. 
Tamiki: Jealousy? *snicker*
Icewolf: Yeah, apparently X-filer was-
Inora: Jealous of my awesomeness! 
Icewolf: I'm sure he was. No, he just didn't like the fact that I came up with someone more epic than he is. 
Tamiki: But he gets points for being a realworld being. 
Inora: And we don't get points for being blogworld beings?
Crystal: Not really, no. 
Inora: Well we should! 
Tamiki: If we did you'd get -50. 
Inora: And you'd get -700
Akov: Well, anyhow- 
X-filer: Yellow. What's the conversation?
Inora: We are discussing what blogworld being points we get vs realworld being points.
Icewolf: Sorry, you wouldn't understand. Just say something that totally drives this conversation into a ditch like you always do.
X-filer: ChEEse iTS. 
Crystal: Lovely. 
Tamiki: *om nom nom*
X-filer: Oh, so we have a little ms. proper there!
Crystal: Excuse me, I was designed to destroy any form of organization. I HATE organization. 
X-filer: I WOVE YEW! 
Crystal: I'm also trained in the ninja arts, I'm a mutant with wings, and can change my appearance at will, and kick your butt if you try to come NEAR me. 
X-filer: BIRDDDDS! (gak, typo)
Crystal: Icewolf, can I go back into the recesses of your mind?
Icewolf: Erm, no.
Crystal: Mrph. 
Inora: YO! Wazup brotha?
X-filer: INNNEH! *voice crack*
Inora: Oh great. You call me those horrid names too?
Icewolf: Why not? It's sooo KEWT! *heheh...inneh...*
Inny: HEY! Don't type my name like that!
X-filer: Heheheeee.
Icewolf: GET OWF MUH KEYBOARD! *shoves him away*
Inora: You did that?! Fiend.
X-filer: I didn't!
Icewolf: *evil grin* Muh keyboard.
Tamiki: Gar you. 
X-filer: Who are you?
Icewolf: He's magical.
X-filer: MaGICaL?! Like...HARRY pOttER MaGIcAl or...MAGicAL magICal?
Tamiki: Like this kinda magic *shut X up*
Akov: Nice one.


The Golden Eagle said...


I love reading these, Icewolf. :D

Icewolf said...

Thanks, that means a lot!

Scezzle said...

So funny, so cool, I love reading these sort of things! :D :) :?
(I love that one)