Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So I wrote a short story (arg, JK just pissed me off again!) and I'm wondering whether to enter it to a short story contest or not. So here, enjoy and tell me what you think!


A long serpentine body sliced through the water. She was like no other sea creature, for she had a certain kind of grace and beauty to her. To people she looked like a sea monster from all their stories, but to the fish in the sea she looked to them the sea goddess of their own stories. She had a long thin body that ended in an oar-like and slightly transparent fin. Her scales were a blue-green and her eyes shone a mysterious blue. A crown-like fin donned her head, and had only two forelegs that she usually kept to her sides as to not hinder her flight in the water.
            Another creature descended the sky above her watery kingdom. He was as black as the night sky, with the starlight captured in his own eyes. His preferred the air to the sea, and kept aloft on large wings. He had a shorter body than the sea goddess, and unlike her he only had two hind legs. A long curling tail steered him through the sky over the waters, and his wedge-like head looked deep into its depths. He located the sea goddess and let out a long, pleading screech.
            The sea goddess flicked her back fin to halt, and she turned to the surface. The voice she had just heard was a divine one, one of authority. Cautiously she poked her head out of the water. She trilled an inquiring note, asking this creature what he had come to her for. In reply the creature gave an answering low note, and knowledge flooded the sea goddess.
            He was a darkling, a servant of the being called Darkness and his mate Nightmare. Darkness wished to make a pact with the sea, to have a friendship. The darkling suggested to please Darkness and accept the pact the sea goddess should offer it a rare gift that only the sea could yield. The sea goddess chirped in understanding, and plunged back into the sea to find one of her most valuable possessions, a magical dark pearl.
            The darkling waited patiently, hovering over the water. He never tired, but being in daylight did seem to make him drowsy. He didn’t particularly like going out in the daytime, but this pact was of the utmost urgency. Darkness was fascinated by the mysteries of the sea and wanted to learn more about it through the sea goddess. But even though it didn’t seem that important to the darkling himself, if it was pleasing to his master it would be pleasing to him as well. But did he have to go by day, was his only question. All the way here he had been hunted by men out of their fear of the unknown. The darkling kept glancing at the shore nearby, hoping they hadn’t followed him.
            Upon his fifth glance, a speck in the distance grew to more specks. Soon, around fifty specks were in the sight of the darkling. They came closer to reveal human men, screaming with what they thought was bravery – to kill a new beast instead of trying to learn from it.
            The darkling panicked. He couldn’t leave for risking the confusion and anger of the sea goddess, but neither could he stay for he was in firing range of their strange weapons. In his indecision he let out a terrified howl. He was certainly going to die if the sea goddess didn’t come soon.
            The sea goddess, on her way to the surface, heard the cry of the darkling and realized something was amiss. The darkling was in danger that much she knew, so she clutched the dark pearl close, momentarily forgetting its magical abilities and propelled herself faster. She threw herself from the water and collided with the darkling.
            The dark pearl’s magic activated. A dark flash consumed the two creatures, and the men on the shore halted, witnessing the result of two entities and one pure dark pearl. The creature of darkness and air combined with the creature of water and light.
            Then, hovering above the water was the ultimate servant of Darkness. It had long black wings that seemed to swallow the sky, a huge slender body, and a long tail that whipped the sea into waves that crashed into the men. A diamond-shaped head opened its jaws and roared in its newfound power and majesty. Far above the earth, Darkness smiled, for he had foreseen this and that is why he had sent the darkling on his mission with the wrong reason. The combination of a dark pearl and two creatures resulted in something far more valuable to him.
            The first dragon. 

And yush, I did change the background. Isn't it neat? I was trying to look for something Christmas-y, but alas, none worked. 

Dragon update:
None really. I can't glaze Ginny until after my Thanksgiving break, and Girnio is waiting to be fired, and Gareth is still waiting for when our class get around to glazing. :P 

Anyhow, see you for now blogworld!


The Golden Eagle said...

I say, enter the contest! It's a great story, Icewolf. :)

Squeaks said...

That's a wonderful story!! I love how everything really comes to life. I could almost picture the spray of water and the glint of sun against the ocean. Very good, Icewolf :)


Icewolf said...

I might actually add those images...cause it sounds epic!