Monday, November 22, 2010

More Inny, and more confusion

The top one is for ICF, which is coming in April 2011! Be excited people! And the bottom one was the finished one that my friend did for me (I wish I had that kind of skill).

Inora: *blushing fiercely* *silent*
Icewolf: Hm? Are you okay?
Tamiki: *laughs, walking in* I bet he is.
Inora: You don't know me!
Tamiki: The harmonic werewolf speaks.
Icewolf: Speaking of, where is Kovvie? I miss him, and he hasn't shown himself for the last few posts.
Crystal: *enters* Beats me. He's sulking somewhere I guess.
Icewolf: *suddenly pulls away from characters*

I can't talk with them anymore. I'm too pissed. JKshooterman (I hate his screen name with a passion) thinks that he can just boot me off cause I am on at this time every night. This is the ONLY time I have, every minute that goes by, I can't save or take back - it's GONE. La di da if he wants to make a stupid video. La di freaking da if he thinks he's better than me because I refused him rights to the computer. *starts fuming* At least X-filer understands to the very slightest degree.

This is MY time.

Arg. I'm too angry now. Sorry, blogworld. Sorry characters.
Inora: *softly* It's okay.
Tamiki: Yeah, really. Just go blow off some steam before you really do some damage
Crystal: Can I be in charge while you're gone?
Icewolf: *sigh* whatever. If you see Kovvie tell him to quit sulking.

Signed with barely controlled anger,