Sunday, November 14, 2010

*scream* *wither*

*bows in shame* *again*

I was busy all week with theater...I was doing mics for my little brother's play, and also was trying out for the next play in my school...and I'm excited...wait...*checks website*

I got a small part. Slight bummer, but hey, at least I got a part.

So I've been going crazy all week with all my characters bottled up in my mind *glares at Inora especially*

Inora: Hey, spare me. I act on impulse.
Icewolf: As I've seen...
Crystal: May I bomb something now?
Akov: I'll join you!
Icewolf: No! Bombing is not a normal pass-time.
Tamiki: *wanders in, noming a cookie* Since when have we been defined as normal
Icewolf: Heh...*glances at blog title* That's funny.
Tamiki: What was?
Icewolf: Nothing

Anyhow...update on my clay dragons (which are a major part of my brain process right now ((that and a certain person, that I shall not name))):
Two are in the kiln, probably done firing right now and cooling off. The third was created this week.
The first one I made I plan to make him blue with yellow eyes, naming him Girnio.
The second it HUGE, and he is Gareth, black with an ankh shape on his forehead.
The third is a small dragon, green, violet eyes (though closed), named Ginny.

I'm excited for them. Well, I'm back blogworld! Missed you!


Selena Gomez said...

We missed you too Icewolf! :D I think your dragons sound AWESOME! I want one! Haha! When you get them you should snap a pic or two for us... I just added a dragon named Sitara Abilene into my story, which means Star Grass... Haha, doesn't really make sense, but she's green, and I thought it sounded pretty! :P Hope you post more!


The Golden Eagle said...

Nice to have you back, Icewolf! :D

The dragons sound awesome! I agree with Selena--you should take a picture of them for us Bloggers!

Squeaks said...

Nice to see you back, Icewolf!! I definitely missed seeing your posts pop up on the dashboard XD

I've got a secret (not much of one but it hasn't been released on my blog lol)

*whispers* I'm a novelist! No I haven't published, but I've written and completed my VERY FIRST BOOK! *giggles* tis a joyful time!

I'm looking forward to reading more about those cool dragons; they sound very interesting :P And I agree with Selena, you should take some pictures for us!

signed with dragon breath,


Jayden Black said...

Nice to finally have good ol' Icewolf back!! :D For reals, give us some pics, they sound AMAZING!!!

Icewolf said...

Selena: Thanks! And as soon as they get home I shall! I keep pestering my art teacher about them, and I think it's getting on her nerves...:D
Eagle: Aw, thanks!
Squeaks: YOU'RE STILL HERE!!! <3 And you finished your fist novel? *author hug* Aws! I completed mine last year on December 8th. Hey, that would make a great post wouldn't it? Author celebrations...And yush, pictures will be coming!
Jayden: Hewoo again my fellow writer! Nice to have you back as well. And you bet my dragons kick buttoxs! :D