Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wobbling on my feet and fall pictures

All day my head has been very light and pounding. You know the feeling when you stand up and all the blood rushes to your head and you feel dizzy? I feel like that...every TIME I do something fast. Bleh.

And lately I've been taking  some pictures of my fall scenery, and here's what I've come up with! Mostly of my tree in the front yard...

The top on is my favorite. :D

Dragon update:
Girnio is glazed! He need to be fired once more, and then he's done! He is officially my decision/mood/thought dragon. He basically puts things into words. Give him your mind, he'll help you write it. Gareth (my black dragon) I have no idea what kind of dragon he is, but I know it has something to do with the ankh shape on his forehead. Gareth is done firing, and yet needs to be glazed. My last dragon, Ginny, is firing right now, and I'm worried because my art teacher said she heard something explode (air bubbles, and if you don't know anything about clay, ask me in comments, otherwise, I'm not going to go into it) while it was drying in the kiln, and I dearly hope my Ginny wasn't mauled and/or the one that exploded.

Oh, and the reason I'm posting longer is ~ta da~ due to my obeying to the law I asked for an extension of 8-9pm! I now have an hour of free time! ~WIN~

So from now on, Icewolf is fully back! Well, if I'm not here at 8-9 that sucks for me...cause I don't get that time back. Once it's gone, it is GONE.

Anyway, I have a question, what is this NaNo that I keep hearing about?

That's all for now!

Now back in the blogworld,
Icewolf and characters

Inora: Oh, now you mention us at the end!
Icewolf: Look at the last two lines! It is a sign of me going OFF.
Inora: So-



Scezzle said...

Ugh, I have a cold and when ever I get up to fast I get all dizzy and can't see.

I like the firt picture best too! :)

I can't wait to see them! I hope Ginny didn't explode! :(


Welcome back!

Squeaks said...

NaNo = NaNoWriMo = National Novelist Writing Month

The month of December (for the past many years) has been dedicated for all novelists to write a book. Essentially, the goal is to write 50,000 words starting on November 1st and ending at the end of the month XD

This year is my first at attempting NaNo (short form for the mouthful lol!) and I've had GREAT success! I finished my very first book EVER at 50,209 words and am in the process of writing a second in that series (it's at 18,174 words right now). I hope to have 2 books under my belt by the end of the month.

The series I'm writing is called "In the House of Ramsy Motch" but I think I'll be changing the title to "The Adventures of Ramsy Motch"

Book 1 is currently dubbed: "The Widdoclan & Abrie's Foolishness"

Book 2 is called: "Wizard Grox & the Pigeons of Snid"

Tis very fun! Perhaps you'll consider joining next year :)

Squeaks said...

Oops...I made an error...in my first paragraph I meant to say the month of NOVEMBER, not December XD


Icewolf said...

Scezzle: Then we shall be sick buddies together! *huddles away as not to get double sick* >w<
Squeaks: Neatness, and yeah, maybe next year I shall attempt this feat.

Scezzle said...

Wow. I just finished reading all your storys. And I LOVE THEM ALL!
Have you published any thing?
Its there any more storys? Some of the pages are cut off.
Sick Buddys! :)
P.S. L-O-V-E this blog!

Scezzle said...

By the way, if you don't mind my asking, how old are you?
(I'm twelve)

Scezzle said...

Ugh, now I'm even more sick. I can only talk in a whisper.
Ha! You might get doubly sick!

Jayden Black said...

NaNo is amazing!! This is my second year and I love it!!! I think you are allowed to join in the middle of the month but not unless you can buckle down and get half a million words in that amount of time!! Haha!! But it's great fun!!! Hope to see you as a WriMo warrior next year!!

Icewolf said...

Scezzle- Thanks! That means a lot that you like my stories. No, I have not gotten anything published yet, and yes, I cut the pages so that people couldn't steal my stories. That would be a bummer, huh? Also, I don't give out my personal info. No offense to you guys or anything, just a little safety tip! I love you all, and hope to someday meet you guys in heaven, but I don't wish for weird stalker people to find me and harm me. ;D

Jayden- What's...WriMo?

Scezzle said...

WHAT?! You wont give out your age?!
(Shucks, sucks.)