Thursday, November 4, 2010


Hi guys! I've been busy, and haven't had a whole lot of time to log on. But I'm here right now to let you know that even though I don't have time to comment, that I do read each one. Like Bleah, sorry about the devastating fling with Adam Young and Taylor Swift. Golden Eagle, elevators? And Squeaks, there's so much to summarize.

Well, can't wait until I can post longer again.

Ps. Clay dragons are sitting in the kiln! My art teacher isn't firing it yet, but she will once it's about a week....ah well, at least they're on their way!


Squeaks said...

Good to see you too! XD Yes, lots has happened in my days.

I'm doing NaNo!

The Golden Eagle said...

Elevators, yes. :D

Icewolf said...

Squeaks: What's NaNo?
Eagle: ...yes....

Squeaks said...

*gasp*!!! You don't know what NaNoWriMo is!!?? *faints* *revives and explains*

NaNoWriMo stands for National Novelist Writing Month. The month of November is a time when all writers write a novel of 50,000 words in 30 days. Everyone encourages everyone's very very worthwhile (i'm finding out...I thought it wasn't, but now I'm glad I joined XD) I'm currently at 20,233 words and I started on November 2nd (that's only 4 days of writing!) I intend to give my book (title shown below) to my parents for Christmas. I'm certain I will finish I intend to edit it during December and January and then try to publish it. I'm actually quite excited. The title is:

In the House of Ramsy Motch: The Widdoclan and Abrie's Foolishness

Of course, that's subject to should try for it next year if you have time :) Just search up NaNoWriMo on Google and you'll find their main site.


Oh, btw, I can't do the tag :( I'm going to have to stop blogging for a long while because I have to focus on parents want me to work hard because I have a calculus exam in December and my marks aren't very great. :S I shall miss you! (but I'll try to comment XD)