Sunday, November 21, 2010


Dragon Update:
Girnio- Man, I have to get used to typing his name, I keep wanting to write it 'Grinio', but is a totally different sense from Girnio. Anyway, he's glazed and I'm not sure if he's in the kiln yet, but I can't wait to finally see him!

Gareth- Now his name I can type easy, due to reading it a lot in Time Cat! It was such a great name and it fits him. I need to come up with his personality, and I have a feel for it, but I'm not quiet sure. He isn't glazed, but he's fired up so he's ready to get glazed. Since I have three dragons and my classmates only have one animal, I'm doing the two that were on my free time on my own time and doing him (which was my school project, thus he's bigger) when everyone else is glazing theirs.

Ginny- She made it out okay! The exploding clay didn't touch her, and I feel really bad for the person whose project was destroyed. I know that if mine had, I would be crushed, but maybe that's because I worked hard and put a bit of me into my dragons. I haven't glazed her, and she's the smallest yet, so she should be easy. I think I'm going to glaze her Tuesday after school.

Alright, I mentioned 'sense' up in Girnio's update. I guess I better explain it better, huh? Well, sometimes I just sort of feel or (my word for it) sense things. Not much else I can describe it as. Like, have you ever just simply known something, or felt like something was simply right? It's what it's like. I call it my sense. Like the sense of Girnio is playful and helpful. Gareth's sense is...wavy, but that's probably because I can't quiet place him yet until it feels right to set his personality in clay. Ginny's sense is bright and shining. Sometimes I sense colors of something, like 'Inora' is a grey-red-blue-green-purple. There's always a mix, and never a solid color.

Weird, huh? Confusing, right? Well, don't worry. Now that you sorta know, you won't be too lost.

*tilts head back and forth* I don't know what else....OH! Okay, so my friend offered to draw Inny for me, and she did AMAZING! I picniked it a little, and it turned out AWESOME.

Didn't she do a FANTASTIC job?
Inora: Yeah, I look great. As always.
Icewolf: *giggles* Don't forget this was a trail run for her, so she's doing a final EPIC copy.
Inora: I know, I'm excited.
Icewolf: I don't know how she could do better than this!

Anyhow, I have been drawing him lately as well. I drew a Christmas one, and one of him and my brother. Yeah...X-filer is a bit jealous of Inora cause I might like Inny better...heh heh....

Okay, I went to see Harry Potter.

Epic. Hilarious. Not much of a plot, but it was made up for in slight comedy. The whole theater was giggling. I won't ruin it for you in any detail, in case you're going to go see it, but I will say that my favorite lines were this:

Hermione: Take it off, Harry!
Harry: *pauses, glaring*
Hermione: Take it off now!
Harry: *grumbles, takes of Horcrux*

*laughs* At first everyone was thinking, "Whoa, Hermione, aren't you going with Ron?" That's what I was thinking the whole movie! Are they trying to get it to look like Harry is going to be with Hermione? Cause let me tell you, there were a few times I was wondering what the movie people are thinking.

Alright. See you late blogworld!


Squeaks said...

O.o I love your new background!! And that drawing was really cool XD (I'll have to come back to read through this post...I kinda skimmed it *blink* XD gotta read a hundred thousand others too lolz!!)


Icewolf said...

*laughs* Well at least you looked at it! Have fun with the hundred thousand others...;D