Thursday, October 21, 2010

Question: How to you top the title named 'Fall and Inny's mind"?

Answer: Fall in Inny's Mind.

Inora: How is that better? And you were thinking about clay dragons.
Icewolf: Shush! Stay out of my thoughts.
Inora: I only come when you want me. *smiles quickly, blushing slightly (rhyme!)*
Icewolf: *stick out tongue, ignoring brief awkwardness* Yeah well, my thought are
Inora: Full of the smell of grilled cheese.
Icewolf: X-filer! If you burn that....*dashes to make sure younger sibling isn't killing himself*
Tamiki: Hewoo, you tortured creature of yonder currently under the sway of our lovely author here. 'author' not 'Author'.
Inora: *glares* And what brings you here?
Tamiki: to alert you that I'm setting up a Halloween Party, which is going to be a dance party, at your house, just like we did to Kovvie.
Akov: I'll say only this *appears* do NOT harm Icewolf in any way, shape, or form. Hurt her in anyway and I will not, can not stop myself from hurting you 100 times more.
Inora: Yeep. Why are you threatening me like this?
Tamiki: We know you.
Inora: You don't.
Akov: We know a bit.
Tamiki: We know enough.
Inora: *scowls, and retreats from them and sinks into his own mind*

~The scene changes to fall~


Eh, I don't know what else, Inny shut me out of the part of my mind labeled 'characters' and the sub-part labeled 'Inora/Inny'.

Anyhow, about those clay dragons, I made one! Tis awesome! I'll post pics, but it's not fired or glazed, so it's going to be a while. That's all for now!


The Golden Eagle said...

Clay dragons--cool!

Jayden Black said...

Oh the mind of an author...

Icewolf said...

Eagle: Thanks!
Jayden: You bet...

Scezzle said...

The clay dragons sound cool! Can't wait to see them!
Hey, how do you make the 'thing' say (#) hearts willing to share? I really want to do some thing like that on one of my blogs.
P.S. I love your blog!