Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogfest post!

             My post: Dragon

            The sun slowly slid behind the horizon. Excitement sent tremors through my body, and I couldn’t hold my tail from twitching to and fro. As soon as darkness swallowed the land I launched myself from my perch. My wings pushed the air aside in waves, and I tucked all of my four paws underneath my warm underside.
            Pumping my wings rapidly, I soared above the trees and into the night sky. Cool darkness washed over my slender form, traveled gaily around my wings, and tumbled around my tail. The tail in question steered my flight. A devious thought formed in my mind, and I put it into action.
            Deep in the back of my throat a rumble vibrated. Angling my diamond-shaped head down and throwing my tail up to descend, I issued a jet of fire in front of me. Using my momentum and weight to drag me down, I plunged head-first into the flames. The sensation felt good over my scales.
            Satisfied, I jerked my head up and my entire body followed. Not too far was a new perch for me: a relatively small mountain. I banked and clasped my large paws into the rocks, claws crunching stones into pebbles.
            Tossing my head to the stars that were just starting to twinkle, I roared with all my might, redefining my birthright and my majesty. My tail lifted and clashed with the mountain, and the earth shuddered. Nothing was mightier than I. Nothing was larger than I. I was one of a kind, and would defend my rights to my last fire-laden breath.
            Dragons had arrived.
            “Hear my cry, creatures of Earth,” I roared, so loud that my voice could easily be heard across at least ¼ of the way across this small planet, “Do not fear us, but grant us your respect. I and my brethren have no wish to harm you, but we will defend ourselves if attacked. Lo and behold, DRAGONS HAVE COME TO THE EARTH!”
            Behind me, creatures of my kind, who have come a very long way to inhabit this wonderful and interesting planet, streaked across the sky and bellowed their agreement. 


Dayana Stockdale said...

Oh boy! I loved it! I want to know what the dragons are doing here! I love the playful language, like this "tumbled around my tail." Very fun! Thanks for participating!

Icewolf said...

Thanks to you too for that awesome praise!

The Golden Eagle said...

That was so cool, Icewolf! I loved the descriptions, the way the writing moves, and the fact dragons are actually coming to Earth!

(Your piece would make a great beginning to a story--do you plan on continuing with it or anything?)

Icewolf said...

I don't know, I was thinking about it. It does sound like a great story, huh?