Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi blogworld. It's Inora. I need to rant a little.

Did I ever mention how scary it can be in Icewolf's world? Or how glorious?

And did I ever mention how scary and inglorious Akov's assassin skills are?! I fear for my life. I mean sheesh, you'd think a dude who wasn't really attached to a someone wouldn't be so upset over this kind of thing.

Well, let me say, Author, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. Please don't hurt me...

And Icewolf, when you get to read this (I'm right here!!! I'm typing this at your command dumbbutt. Inora: oops...) well, as you read this I don't mean to put you through confusion. I hate complications, so lets keep this simple:

I am a sarcastic character (and proud of it) that cares for those around him even though he may never show it. I'm just one of those people, er, werewolves.

*sighs* And I'm off, now that I have made things clear. And if Akov kills me before the next post, Micheal you may NOT have any of my stuff. That goes for you too Eagle. Definitely not you Charry. Actually, no one may have my possessions. Just leave it to collect dust.



Whiskfang said...

Whsikfang: Don't worry i wont let you die. ive got a plan

The Golden Eagle said...

Did I say I wanted your stuff? But okay--I won't steal it if Akov gets to you. Which he WON'T because I know we'll come up with a plan . . . I just know we will.

Inora said...

Well, let's hope so