Wednesday, October 13, 2010


So I've been writing quiet randomly lately. And ~heh~ I've been writing in my Geometry notebook...which isn't really good...

"Write the inverse of the following: If 7+2 is x then x is... She fiddled with the camera and smiled gainly."

*laughs* Or something like that. Maybe I'll post them later, but I just put my binder away. Also I just go back from being a geek freak and watching Yugi spazz out. I like reading Yu-Gi-Oh way better than the show, spare the part when I see Yami (other Yugi basically, aka, the spirit within this Millennium Puzzle or the Pharaoh) come in play and hear his awesome voice. It makes me smile and want to screech happily. He's just so...epic. And when Yugi's voice gets deeper, you know serious shiz is about to go down. The books can't really show you his epic voice, now can it?

School so far is okay. I don't really enjoy lunch period because I'm basically alone, but I like most of my classes. Spare gym. X-filer saw the post I wrote earlier about this and his favorite quote is:
All the jock: YAAAAY!
All the preps: Eeeeeeee!
All the emos: *sighs*
Me: ....eep.....

Speaking of X, his birthday was yesterday. Isn't that great?! He's such an awesome kid...when he wants to be. ;D

*rocks back and forth* Not much else. I'm about to go check out WOW. Later.

Oh! I want to thank the new followers who joined me recently. I'm very glad you decided to enter my world of absolute randomness. WOW stands for World of What-not, which is another blog that survived. And my characters like to roam free, but right now it's a tad bit of awkward-

Akov: A BIT?!
Icewolf: *throws a brick* You better chill or I'll seriously hurt you.
Inora: Can things go back to normal now?
Tamiki: Yeah, I want to be devious but I can't really do that if half of us are moping or po'ed.
Icewolf: Whatever. IF Kovvie calms down that is.
Akov: *to new followers* Don't call me Kovvie. *to Icewolf* Fine. Whatever. I want a cookie.
Icewolf: La di da.

Well, I finally figured out why I don't really have any other characters that come onto this blog that are female: I hardly get along with them.

Crystal: You get along with me.
Icewolf: Hm. Would you fit in with the others?
Akov: *looks Crystal over* I guess so.
Inora: Whatever.
Tamiki: HIYA!
Crystal: Alrighty then...

Crystal is another of my characters. She's in Ice Crystals though, not Outcasts.

Alright, NOW is goodbye.

~Goodbye~ Icewolf


Selena Gomez said...

Hi! I'm the newest follower of WOW... you guys are hilarious! I love reading the story lines, and they're all so interesting and you really get into your characters. I totally love it!!!!


Icewolf said...

Thanks Sofie! Glad to have you! The more wackiness the better!

ps, X-filer (my bro, not a character) Says: BFF's FOREVAH!